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Frigidity is the term used for coldness in conjugal relationships normally found in women and it has been observed that more than twenty percent of US women suffer from the problem where they are not interested in lovemaking with their partner. There are many women who suffer from certain medical conditions in which they are unable to enjoy the process of lovemaking in the same manner as they used to during the on-start of adulthood. Urinary tract infections, urine leakage, bowel disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes and high blood pressure are some medical conditions in which women do not find it comfortable or enjoyable to get into lovemaking. These medical problems can be regulated effectively by using simple remedies. Even the performance of female organs can be improved by taking some herbal remedies for female frigidity problem.

There are some plant-based compounds that can help women suffering from the problem of frigidity and re-energize the forces in their body, which makes them initiate, take part and enjoy lovemaking. Herbal remedies for female frigidity problem Kamni capsule are rich in natural extracts which can be taken to increase the desire in women. The herb Ras Sindoor can be found in herbal remedies for female frigidity problem. The herb has great efficiency and it can help to improve sex desire in women. The herb contains phyto compounds which can help in improving cardiac function. It reduces abdominal pain and improves conditions of the urinary tract. It can cure low immunity condition, chronic respiratory condition and tuberculosis from affecting the normal conjugal behavior of a person.



Fundamentally the problem of low desire in women can start from a number of psychological and physical factors. Women sometimes are physically fit but avoid getting into relationship with their partner because they are hurt by their everyday behavior. Especially conditions when men praise or take more care of women when they want to get into love, can make her avoid it. Many women complain of too much work and burdens of life, and if they feel their partner is not supportive enough in handling their everyday problems, that is significant for both, they may not find it emotionally connecting to get along with their partner. Also, the problem of everyday stress can cause imbalance of endocrines and this can cause dryness of female organs.

The problem further gets complex when both men and women fail to identify the other's viewpoint and if their timing to get together does not match. There are many men who have great expectations in lovemaking and they are frustrated due to their own inefficiencies. These emotional issues can disrupt the normal conjugal behavior in married life. The problem of frigidity in women can be corrected medically and even psychologically by taking the herbal remedies for female frigidity problem which are made up of natural minerals and herbs. It is also effective in curing asthma, obesity and can revives normal digestive functions. It can increase the flow of chemicals in body that raise fantasies and to improve sex desire in women naturally.

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