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Are you aware of the fact that coupe menstruelle are good substitute to tampons or pads? It is an eco friendly option to switch to menstrual cups and they are quiet healthy for you. These cups are not absorbent in nature. Therefore the occurrence of TSS nullifies.

Find these easy to use cups by going online. If you are looking for ways to use these cups correctly and the advantages for the same then you can go online. If you reach a good online store then you can easily find standardized cup menstruelle at pocket friendly prices.

You can make use of these cups over and over again. Top quality cups can be sustained for as long as twelve years. You will thus get relieved from buying sanitary napkins or tampons every now and then. Best part is that you can buy coupe menstruelle France at affordable rates. You can get to see these kinds of cups in every corner of the world today but to find the best quality ones you can check out from France.

Know why coupelle menstruelle are a better option to use:

Save good amount of money

Buying tampons and pads every month can prove to be an expensive affair. Menstrual cup can be used for years together and even if you change it every year, it can prove to be profitable to your pocket. In addition of saving lot of your money, these cups are extremely beneficial on environment.

Sufficient capacity to hold fluid Ladies with good flow have great news! You will no more have to invite the trouble of regular changing of pads. Coupe menstruelle has capacity to hold more liquid when compared to tampons. On an average a tampon will have a capacity of holding around 7 to 8 grams of fluid. You will therefore need a change within some hours. Whereas by using menstrual cup you will not have to worry for almost 12 hours at a stretch. It can hold around 1 ounce of liquid which is five times greater than tampons and pads.


Stay safe

At the time of buying these cups you need to be considerate about the safety level. Tampons and pads are prone to chemicals. Comparatively pads do not have that high level of chemicals but they are definitely had bleaching agent, latex, etc. on very high level. Therefore by using menstrual cup you can evade from chemicals like carcinogenic dioxin.

Lowest amount of Leakage

Coupelle menstruelle forms suction after inserting it. However you have to ensure that you have inserted the cup in the correct manner. Without any hitch you can find liquid getting directly in to the cup if it is inserted properly. Leaks generally happen when pads or tampons shifts while sleeping or working. But when these cups are inserted in the correct way you will not face any leakage problem.

Say no to TSS

TSS is a dreadful disease which is lead by bacterial reactions. If you use tampons for longer time period you will be highly prone to TSS. If there are any rashes occurred due to excessive use of tampons then there are high chances of you getting TSS.

Don't fumble in dark that is during night time to change tampons. Use cup menstruelle that can hold good amount of liquid and can allow you to gain better sleep.

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