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The release of certain chemicals in female body is blocked in the first fifteen days after the monthly cycle, and after the fifteen days, the body releases the chemicals which can initiate the flow. The decrease in the level of progesterone in female body is related to the monthly flow and an increase in the level can restrict the flow during the monthly cycle. Vitamin C and intake of certain birth control pills can also interfere with the timings of monthly cycle. Vitamin C fastens the process, so the intake of vitamin C should be reduced to delay the flow. Certain birth control pills come with quarterly options, and it can restrict the flow to once in three months. Women who are seeking safe natural remedies to delay menstrual cycle can take Gynecure capsules, which provide a range of phyto-chemicals to the body to revive its endocrine functions and restrict progesterone from initiating the monthly cycle.

Natural remedies to delay menstrual cycle contain many different powerful herbs which have medicinal properties such as Sphaeranthus indicus is a component which can cure the problems of jaundice, diabetes, fever, leprosy, cough and other skin conditions. The herb is rich in phyto chemicals which are hypotensive, immuno modulatory, antioxidants, anti inflammatory, hepato protective in nature.

Symplocos racemosa is another herb which can be found in the natural remedies to delay menstrual cycle. It reduces the symptoms of immunity disorder. It is recommended in the ayurvedic remedies for the treatment of bronchitis, inflammation, arthritis and hepatic ailments.


Areca catechu is one of the key components of some of the most effective natural remedies to delay menstrual cycle, which contains the phyto-chemicals arecoline which can stimulate the production of progesterone to delay the start of monthly flow of the monthly cycle. This was tested in laboratory on rats and the mechanism how it works is still under investigation.

Bombax malabaricum is another key component of the natural remedies to delay menstrual cycle. It was traditionally used to heal skin eruptions and wounds in the body. The herb is chemo preventive and hepato protective in nature. When it was given to rats, it was able to cure the rats suffering from hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatocellular carcinoma is caused when the body is exposed to toxins in the form of chemicals, food additives, fungal infections and air pollutants. The herbal extract was able to reduce the impact of these toxins on human body. It is rich in antioxidants and inhibited the neoplastic process. The bark of the tree showed chemo protective properties against liver diseases.

There are other herbs in the remedy which have properties to regulate the endocrines and restrict the flow of chemicals which initiate the process of flow during the monthly cycle. Traditionally the herbs found in the capsules were used by women to fix the monthly flow as desired. The regular intake of the Gynecure capsule helps in delaying the release of chemicals in the body and preventing the body reactions that initiate the flow during the monthly cycle.

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