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People are used to the feeling of the rush of life gradually. And eventually, it suddenly occurs that you have to accept your poor heath and the diseases hidden in your body. Interstitial cystitis affect women more easily and frequently. However, men also should be on the alert.

If you have IC, unfortunately, you have to see doctor and take drugs, just like diuretic anti-inflammation pill in order to relieve you symptoms. Yes, that's right, diuretic anti- inflammation pill can help you get rid of the discomforts. But it is not enough. In order to reach better effect, you had better pay more attention to your diet. At the same time, do some exercises appropriately is good at your recovery. Interstitial cystitis is a chronic condition of the submucosal and muscular layers of the bladder.



For one thing, in terms of diet, there are many avoidance of some food. Patients with IC know that sometimes you consume certain food or beverage, you can truly feel the increasing discomfort. That is the trigger. Your dietary changes start from the point. Carbonated beverages, caffeine in all forms (including chocolate), citrus products and food containing high concentrations of vitamin C are considered the four main irritants, which you can avoid in your life. Each person with different physical condition has different sensitivity. For example, some people with IC are sensitive to the artificial sweeteners. Consequently, it is not so exact that you can consume some food or not. In all, all the irritants should be avoided as far as possible. For another, you should develop a habit of timed urination whether you want or not. Through bladder training, you come to learn to control your urgency, and gradually urinary frequency can make a change accordingly. Lastly, do exercises. Exercises are the best way to keep healthy,especially for people who always sit in the front of computer.

As for the patients who have IC, above all is not enough. Don't forget to see doctor and take medicines. Recently, traditional Chinese medicine, diuretic anti-inflammation pill is popular, it has no side effects and take effect quickly. The medicine, diet, exercise are the right way to health for people with IC.

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