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Women, who gave birth to one or two children, usually suffer from sagging bosoms. It reduces your sexual appearance. Even bigger breasts appear smaller and may affect your love life. Some women are not fortunate to have bigger breasts. To help women lift sagging breasts and enlarge smaller breasts, many companies have introduced remedies. However, only few of them offer effective breast enlargement without any side effects. Big B-36 capsule offers one of the best natural ways to increase breasts size.

Key ingredients are Patherphool, Kamal, Babool, Gambhari, Bhatktaiya, Nilkadambini, Kaling, Kesar, Padmacharini, Bahugranthika, Bar and Triphutiphal.

Babool possesses astringent properties. It offers effective cure for diarrhea and menstrual bleeding. It is one of the key ingredients to enlarge your breasts. Nagbla is a natural aphrodisiac. It ensures hormonal balance and boosts your strength enormously. It offers effective cure for bleeding disorders and pitta disorders. It helps to increase cup size of your breasts naturally.

Gambhari possesses laxative properties. It safeguards you from infections and toxins. It helps to utilize proteins from the consumed food. Lajjawanti flushes out toxins from your body and help to restore youthfulness as well as firmness. Lajjawanti assists in enlarging your breasts naturally. Nilkadambika is a natural tonic to ensure continuous energy flow to the brain and entire body.

Patherphool is one of the best herbs to improve firmness. It strengthens your body organs. Bhatktaiya improves secretion of female hormones and helps to boost breasts size. Padmacharini offers effective cure for skin infections and eliminates wrinkles. Kamal improves growth of your breasts. Laxmishresth improves growth of breast tissues.


Flat chest reduces your appearance. Regular use of this herbal supplement offers one of the best natural ways to increase breasts size and improve your natural beauty. Powerful herbs in Big B-36 herbal pill increase blood supply and nourish cells in your bosoms.

To increase cup size naturally, you are advised intake of Big B-36 capsules two times daily with plain water for 3 to 4 months.

You can buy this herbal pill from reputed online stores using credit or debit cards. It is available in the denomination of 90, 180, 270 and 360 capsules.

Big B-36 herbal oil also offers one of the best natural ways to increase breasts size. You need to apply this herbal oil and massage one breast at a time starting from base of the nipple in circular motion till the base of the breast. Repeat this process for both of the breasts two times daily for 3 to 4 months to naturally increase cup size. It strengthens ligaments and helps to lift the sagging breasts. It naturally boosts appearance of your breasts. You can enjoy enhanced cleavage and attract your male partner for pleasurable lovemaking.

Its key ingredients are Semala, Gumar, Mahakusumika, Shivan, Gambhari, Sarvtobhadra, Kumil and Margarch.

You can also consume estrogen rich foods like dried beans, wheat germ, carrots, apples, oats, berries, sesame seeds, fennel, tofu and fenugreek. You are advised to ensure sound sleep. You are also advised to practice yoga and meditation to ensure overall health.

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