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With the development of the society more and more women suffering from infertility due to various reasons, wanting to birth a child becomes the dream of many women of infertility.How many treatments of female infertility? The effect of suit the remedy to the case is correct.

1. Use drugs to induce ovulation and treat infertility

If women's infertility is caused by not ovulation, can take drugs to induce ovulation for treating infertility. In general cases, female will ovulate every month, but there are a lot of women have not the sign of ovulation because of ill health. This case requires human intervention by taking drugs to stimulate ovarian oviposit.

2. Treatment of organic disease

Some women infertility is because of their body has been in the sick, so this time will need to cure these diseases, can make a woman pregnant, such as tumor and genital tract anomalies.


3. The blockage of the fallopian tubes

There are a lot of female infertility caused by tubal blockage, this time you need cure the blockage of the fallopian tube in time. Only the tubes are dredge can make the egg and sperm combined. So that can pregnant. Dredge tubal can take drug treatment, such as using Chinese traditional medicine to eliminate inflammation, Use Fuyan Pill can achieve the effect of sterilization and detoxification, activating blood stasis, treating the inflammation of fallopian tube ,so that get the purposes of the blockage of the fallopian tubes' treatment. also can take surgery.

4. Improve the cervix mucus

If women suffering from inflammation, can lead to the cervix mucus become sticky. At this time, the cervix is covered with a thick mucus is not conducive to egg and sperm combine into the uterus, so you need to eliminate inflammation by means of medicine to improve the cervix mucus consistency. It can let the cervix mucus become thin thus is advantageous to the sperm's passing. Fuyan pills in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a good curative effect on treatment of adnexitis , it can clear out the heat and toxic materials, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, help women deal with the pain.

Thus, there are many causes of female infertility,we need to points out what is the reason of causing infertility and suit the remedy to the case.

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