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Miss Li is 28 years old, she works in a big company. As a new member of the company, she always works till very late at night. Kept doing this for a week, she felt very tired and had lower abdomen pain now and then together with increased abscessed leucorrhea, also she got a high fever.

Without any method, she came to have a check in a hospital, her doctor diagnosed her with PID which made her felt strange, for she always pays attention to personal hygiene at private part, and she has a stable sex partner, how can she got PID? But there was symptom at the beginning actually, she had abscessed leucorrhea for two months, of course she noticed this abnormal thing, and went to a drug store and bought suppository. After using it for two days, she didn't feel better so she didn't continue using it. The PID was led by uncured vaginitis going upward, the doctor said.

Recently, for increased working pressure and other causes, there are quite a lot of women visit a hospital after getting PID. Outpatients of PID take account for 10% in outpatients of infertility in women in November, and till December, the rate was increased to 14.7%.


PID is a disease caused by infection in female up genital tract, the disease includes infections in female internal genital organs and connective tissue surround by and pelvic peritoneum. Salpingitis, oaritis, myometritis, endometritis, pelvic peritonitis, salpingo-ovaritis, etc are included in PID.

There are acute PID and chronic PID, they can be gotten by women now and then very often and damage their health. The disease can cause disseminated peritonitis, sepsis, septic shock or even threaten patients' life without treatment. It can change into a chronic one without thorough treatment which can not be cured for a long period of time and troubles women often in health, life and work.

Lower abdomen pain only is one symptom of PID, it is not the only symptom. If women pay enough attention, the disease can be found very early and they have more time to cure it. Symptoms of PID include increased leucorrhea, high fever, lower abdomen pain, Menstrual changes, vaginal swelling, infertility and even general symptoms which are not apparent like low fever and tired.

Even PID is a mild infection, but without timely treatment, organs nearby can be infected and there will be diseased organs in other part of the body. And lower abdomen pain only is one symptom of PID, it doesn't mean PID is impossible for patients without the pain. Besides, a study showed a part of patients with infertility caused by tubal problems had PID histories, for chronic PID can lead to pelvic fluid easily, it can even cause oviduct inflammation, oviduct adhesion etc. So PID needs to be found and cured earlier for women, especially for those who want to get pregnant in the future. Fuyan Pill as an alternative treatment for PID can cure the disease from origin soon, often within several months can women be cured totally without getting PID again in the future, for the medicine has no drug resistance or side effect like antibiotics nor it will cause wound which may be left by a surgery. It is the best treatment if a woman prefer a conservative treatment.

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