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The fallopian tube as an important reproductive organ of women, women's fertility is self-evident importance, but the fallopian tube also has a “fragile” side. Due to various reasons, there is a variety of problems in the fallopian tube. The bent in the fallopian tubes among them, named as tubal distortion, is very harmful disease to women health and psychology.

It occurs on poor physical fitness of patients bent in the fallopian tubes or oviduct distorted, along with symptom of peristaltic function of fallopian tube decreased, ovarian follicles less flowed into the cavity and immature follicles gradually disappeared, and some of the patients will appear symptom of uterine displacement, sexual desire diminished, irregular menstruation etc. If the bent in the tubes women happens, it may lead to irregular menstruation or lower abdominal pain and other phenomena, evenly patients with infertility occurred with no other obvious symptoms.

Causes of bent in the fallopian tube


There are two reasons for the bent in the fallopian tubes, including normal and abnormal reasons. With the change of the human body, bent in the fallopian tubes happened the situation do not affect the pregnancy. For the abnormal reasons in the process of the development of abnormal, some kind of tubal diseases caused by phlogistic tubal which affects the patient's health and even cause female infertility if it cannot treat bent in the fallopian tubes in time

Every day hundreds of women who gave a birth to a baby before choose to ignore bent in the fallopian tubes, later they realize that they want another baby again. Tubal surgery can help some women achieve the second baby dream. It is possible with tubal surgery of unblocking tubes at a personal choice. However, it is important to know that this surgery is not a guarantee that women will get pregnant again. Fortunately, bent in the fallopian tubes only makes up a small portion of infertility problems. There is a professional exam determine whether a woman's tubes are bented, for those who are at risk of tubal damage.

In general, it ultimately leads to the bent in the fallopian tubes in that the inflammation of fallopian tube in a long time. Patients can treat with no side effects of traditional gynecological Chinese medicine such as Fuyan pill for fallopian blockage. Of course, the antibiotics are used to achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory in the short term. However, it is poor effect for drug resistance in the long-term treatment.

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