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Almost 30 years ago, the technique of donating egg is introduced with the aim to help the infertile woman who is unable to get pregnant with her own eggs. Since its introduction, this technique is widely practiced globally and has become an extremely effective medical approach for both post- menopausal and pre- menopausal women who need donated eggs to achieve successful pregnancy.

Though the treatment is widely practiced, there are several current practices associated with donor and recipient preparation and treatment have yet not been standardized. Egg donation provides a wonderful opportunity to have a kid to those couples who need donor's egg for successful pregnancy. In some cases, male partner's sperm is use with the donated egg or otherwise the technique is used for embryo transfer where embryos are created with the donated oocytes (eggs) and the sperm.

In the past, mostly the egg recipient would make their decision for egg donors from a fertility clinic, basing their choice on the detailed information of several traits. Often both the parties would prefer to keep the whole matter and treatment procedure confidential. However, nowadays an increasing number of egg recipients and donors like to make this arrangement more personal one by meeting and in some cases staying in touch during the whole life of the baby.

Many experts believe that this open relationship between both the parties makes it better for any baby who is produced via egg donation process. Today more and more couples like to make the procedure open and in this direction, many professionals are encouraging them.

The importance of Donor in Egg Donation Process


When most of the couples come to the point that require to undergo egg donation program as they have as of now been through several fertility treatments and disappointments. Transplant of eggs from one woman to another is not normally a first choice, however one that is turned to when all others options have failed. Subsequently the couple frequently sees the donated eggs as the only option they have to give birth to the baby they desperately want.

The responsibility that comes with the egg donor should not be undertaken lightly. Once the donor is selected, screened and committed for egg donation process for infertile couple, she must follow all instructions given to her by the doctor and must show up all appointments on scheduled time. If she is not committed to these follow ups, this can lead to process failure and cost everything involved in the procedure including significant time.

Advantages of Meeting Vs. Unknown Donor

Meeting the individual whose egg you will use for the pregnancy and whose baby you will going to raise might be very essential to the intended couple. The egg donation agency screened the donor for several diseases including sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and other genetic diseases on several levels. But nothing compares seeing and talking to the donor personally or face to face.

However keeping the process unknown used to be paramount for some recipients and donors as well, more individuals are tolerating of the thought of giving eggs today. The technique keeps on growing, making it simpler for intended couples to get the conclusion that makes them happy while giving the donor a satisfied feeling for having helped them.

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