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Fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus are reproductive organs of a woman, an infection of these organs is called PID. Do you know a safe and natural way to cure it? That is TCM. It can be trusted by you totally for herbs included are safe and natural like food.




  1. Examination of pelvic. From your cervix and vagina, samples were taken, a cotton swab is used by your doctor when doing the examination of pelvic. For organism which the infection was caused, in order to determine it, analysis of the samples will be taken in a lab. Examination of pelvic is performed usually as another test of urine.
  2. Ultrasound. Your reproductive organs' images will be created by sound waves by the test. Pelvic cavity's image which is clear can be showed by the test.
  3. Biopsy of endometrium. For testing and evaluation, remove tissue from of endometrium and make a sample which is small in a procedure. Test a piece of endometrium will be done by your doctor in the procedure.
  4. Laparoscopy. The internal repro is able to be examined by the doctor by a small cut in abdomen's lower part, insert laparoscope in the procedure.


  1. For women, if they still want to be able to give birth, then a treatment which is conservative can be chose, that is TCM. Fuyan Pill is a good choice. PID causes damages can be reversed by the TCM, and PID can be solved by it too.
  2. For mild PID, treatments usually use antibiotics. Many types of antibiotics may be put together by your doctor if drug resistance occurs. In order to match the infection's cause better, medications may be adjusted by your doctor after test results from the lab received. To make sure PID been cured, intravenous antibiotics may be received if it is a severe infection or oral antibiotics can't be taken by you.
  3. When antibiotics are not effective or an abscess is caused by PID, abscesses are usually needed to be removed by surgery. Throughout abdomen and pelvis, infection which is widespread or rupturing need to be prevented by this way. Perform laparoscope is commonly according to the condition.
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