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Vaginal discharge is liquid secretion from a female reproductive system, which is also known as the leucorrhea. Generally, its character examination is observing the color and the character. But in fact the vaginal discharge examination in the hospital is also the routine examination of leucorrhea. This inspection items are common in gynecology department. By the 5 tests of vaginal PH value, vaginal cleanliness, vaginal microbial, amine test, clue cells, we could determine whether women are getting abnormal vaginal leucorrhea that attack physical health.

We should pay attention to the following abnormal vaginal discharge before the period,

1.Bloody vaginal discharge is a very common symptom and most likely to cause confusion. And the causes are cervical disease,gynecological tumor, gynecological inflammation,in addition, the intrauterine contraceptive ring is placed in, the leucorrhea is also mixed with some blood.

2, Water-like vaginal discharge is occurred in the vaginal bleeding and outflow with a large number of Purulent stink leucorrhea. And the causes are late cervical cancer and possibly fallopian tube cancer.


3, Tofu-like leucorrhea is the result of mold infection, which is accompanied by vulva itching. And the common cause is vaginal yeast infection.

4, Black leucorrhea is drawn our attention because it is a serious one in abnormal leucorrhea. And the common causes are gynecological inflammation, cervical disease, such as cervical erosion, vaginitis, endometritis,and pelvic inflammatory disease.

5, Yellow or yellow green purulent leucorrhea is viscous or foamy, smelly, mostly due to the vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis is the most common symptom and with vulva itching. And common causes are chronic cervicitis, vaginitis, endometritis, uterine effusion or vagina eyewinker,etc.

6, Vaginal discharge caused Urination disorder is a typical gonococcus infection sickness that causes leucorrhea and the urethra secretion increasing, which shows as yellow purulent state and has fierce inflammatory reaction. Chlamydia caused by cervical inflammation that is low viscosity, and the white size cervix of the uterus secretion increases.

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