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Endometriosis – Home treatments

Endometriosis is one of the most common gynecologic diseases, and what is more, it is also the “devil” which makes the patients be afflicted and troubled in physical and mental health. With the first symptom called “menstrual cramps”, patients are forced to see a doctor for a diagnosis. By view of this, it is not difficult to find how much pain the endometriosis brings to the female friends. Well, Home remedies for endometriosis can ease partial symptoms.

Taking Vitamin Supplement

Foods become one of the most important parts since talking about the methods of the treatment from daily life viewpoint. It is well-known that Vitamin E can not only have the function of anti-aging but also assist us improve the autoimmune ability, reaching the balance of Hormone, therefore, it will not hurt for us to try much more to take some vitamin E.

For example, legume foods we eat frequently contain plenty of vitamin E, considering about this, they are taken a better choice for granted. Besides, it is suggested that keeping a bland diet and stopping from some cold and spicy foods are necessary, meanwhile, the followings should be noticed: avoiding of having an incentive to the gastrointestinal tract, drinking too much water during the relaxation

Pay much attention on maintaining a warm body


In most times, patients with endometriosis are caused by deficiency of Yang or chillness accumulated in the body, thus it will not harm for them to take steps to warm the bodies. These methods are proven to reach the requirement, such as: hot drinks, and applying hot compresses on the abdomen (via hot-water bag or thermal evaporation). In a word, trying the best to prevent from getting close to cold things should be essential.

Warming the body is a very important task in the daily life, and it is needed to insist on it for a long term. After doing it for a long time, it is very apparent for patients to find their physical changes and the remission of the disease. Especially for those who is easy to be lack for Yang, attaching importance on the warm body will be a great thing in their lifetime with sticking to it all the time.

Healthy timetable and Exercises

As for female patients with endometriosis, both an irregular schedule and unreasonable rests between days and nights may induce the risk of developing the disease, hence, a reasonable timetable becomes very crucial. Next, if there is not any symptoms, it can be acceptable for patients to do proper exercises and sports, it can make an effect on relieving the pains in a certain degree.

About the disease:

An alternative therapy -“Fuyan Pill“, is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine with its unique feature: no side-effects, being familiar among the patients with endometriosis. Its precious and natural compositions have a better effective on female gynecologic diseases (endometriosis, tubal blockage, PID, etc.)

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