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Gynecological disease is always common, complicated and hard to treat. Adenomyosis is no exception. So some women may have experienced debilitating migraines, blood, abdominal, bladder and bowel tests, and seeing various specialists, but get no significant improvement.

However, when you try to do your own research online, you may note there is limited information available to help understand the disease you are diagnosed with, since adenomysis was separated from endometriosis and experts are still not sure what are the causes of this condition, despite the common occurrence. But adenomysis seems to be indiscriminate in terms of age, and can occur in women who have had no children or any trauma to their womb. So it is genuinely necessary do more research into the condition and raise its introduction in terms of media reportage. A woman with particular experience has established a website named Adenomyosis Advice Association, on which visitors can share their symptoms, experiences or get a soundboard or advice.



Adenomyosis may not be known for people around you, but the condition is real even if they have not heard of it, or cannot yet see a change in your appearance. Ultimately, if you sense something is wrong, you should not ignore the symptoms, and you must keep going back to your GP or Consultant until you get answers.

Treatment for adenomyosis depends in part on how severe the symptoms and condition are, and also whether you have a desire of childbearing. And the process often combines with surgery, medicine and other comprehensive treatment programs. For women who wish to potentially conceive, who have no history of blood clots, and who can tolerate hormones safely, a progesterone IUD (coil) may be offered, since it has been found that a low level slow release of progesterone can ease the symptoms of adenomyosis a great deal, and can improve irregular bleeding and potentially avoid the need for a hysterectomy. Some young women may have more severe symptoms, and need surgery like Uterine Artery Embolizatioen to control the condition and keep fertility. Someone who needs natural treatment would use Chinese medicine, like Fuyan pill, which has been proved very beneficial to relieve secondary menstrual pain.

Whether you use progesterone IUD or take Fuyan pill, there are some remedies and techniques you need to know to ease the symptoms. Meditation, massage and deep breathe help you to relax, taking a bath or shower can relive your pain. You may not feel like to exercise after a painful period, but trying some gentle swimming, walking or cycling can help to keep active and reduce pain.

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