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Many women have to face the social stigma of having small breasts which affects their confidence and self-esteem extremely. Thanks to advance technology, now women can have bigger breasts with breasts augmentation surgery.

Here are some common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that will help you to understand breast enlargement surgery in a better way.

Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Right For Me?

Women opt to have breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. This type of surgery is best for and commonly done on females who have small breasts, asymmetrical breasts. In many cases, women lose shape or volume of their breasts after pregnancy or weight loss. Here, breasts enlargement surgery is an ideal procedure to get back big and firm breasts. It's a personal choice of every woman to decide if they're willing to undergo this surgery or not. However, it's strongly recommended that you must consult your cosmetic surgeon to find more about this treatment.


What Should I Expect From Breast Enlargement Surgery And How Long It Takes?


Breast Enlargement surgery, often known as Breast Augmentation surgery, is usually a cosmetic surgical technique that should be done by an experienced, qualified and the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai. The treatment normally requires between 1 to 3 hours for completion, but it might take more time in some cases. The surgery is conducted under general anaesthesia and the surgeon might ask you to stay at the clinic for a couple of days to check your progress and recovery speed.

The best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai will start by creating small incisions on either the natural crease under the breasts, or at the side of the nipples, or in the armpit. Then an implant will be inserted inside the breasts by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai. The implant will be placed at either behind or over the tissue and muscle to provide the desired look and then the incisions are closed properly by using surgical sutures.

The place of incision will be decided by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai to deliver the best shape and size for your breasts. You must discuss the whole treatment process, your expectations and the outcomes of the surgery with the surgeon in advance. This will surely help you to achieve the desired look and size you're expecting from the surgery.

Why Should I Choose Breast Enlargement Surgery?

  • To get a curvier figure
  • To have symmetrical breasts
  • It will enhance feeling of femininity and confidence.
  • You can wear all types of clothes with full confidence. No need to feel shy anymore while wearing swimwear or well-fitting clothes.
  • You can achieve the shape, size and volume which you have lost due to either, pregnancy, weight loss or ageing.
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