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Hydrosalpinx refers to a type of fallopian tube disorder where the tubes are blocked and distended, filled with a watery, clear liquid. Nowadays, many women are troubled by many female disease. Hydrosalpinx is one of the disease.

The causes of hydrosalpinx are various. But the most frequent causes include artificial abortion, natural abortion, medical abortion, pelvic infection and so on.

Hydrosalpinx has some obvious symptoms, such as recurring abdominal pain or pelvic pain. At the same time, hydrosalpinx could lead to infertility. If patient has hydrosalpinx for a long time, chronic PID may accompanied with her, which can cause abdominal pain, tenesmus, one side or both sides of the discharge. In a way, if patients who don't try to get pregnant or have no pain, may go undetected. As though hydrosalpinx shows no symptoms in many cases, its symptoms are present, patient should get treated timely.


As for the treatment of hydrosalpinx, if patients don't desire to be pregnant or have no symptoms, the best way is observed with diagnosis. However, if patient wants to have a baby, proper treatment is necessary. The most useful method for diagnosis of hydrosalpinx is HSG (hysterosalpingogram). HSG is a type of fluoroscopy (an X-ray performing using a contrast medium). In addition, hydrotubation is always used in hospital. The two methods can increase pregnancy effectively.

Of course, there are some medicine should be accompanied with the treatment. Fuyan Pill is one of the medicine to treat hydrosalpinx or as a drug used after hydrotubation. Fuyan Pill is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, which don't generate resistance or tolerance to drugs. As the comprehensive medicine, Fuyan pill could not only cure hydrosalpinx, but also treat PID and other female disease. As it mentioned, PID is always accompanied with hydrosalpinx, so patients should pay more attention to their health and treatment.

In the end, hydrosalpinx is not a troublesome diseases. Medical level are developed with the high technology. Keep in good mood and accept the treatment, patients can be cured after diagnosis. If infertility and PID trouble you, remember that go to hospital and get treated under doctor's advice.

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