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At present, there are a variety of treatment methods for endometriosis and their effects are very different. For those patients, it is urgent to select the beat treatment method for them among all the methods. However, the way to choose the method become the most difficult thing. Thus, we are going to introduce a method for endometriosis pain treatment.

Endometriosis is a gynecological disease which are caused by planting endometrial cells in normal position. Endometrial cells usually grows in the uterine cavity, but because the uterine cavity and pelvic cavity are communicated through the fallopian tubes, the endometrial cells grows in the pelvic ectopic with a abnormal manner through fallopian tube. Endometriosis can cause great the harm to women, so it should be treated timely.

Usually, there are two methods for endometriosis pain treatment. Both of them are very effective. However, experts pointed out that the traditional treatment of endometriosis have side effects and great damage to women. Moreover, it is easy to gove rise to recurrence. Therefore, it is not the best method for endometriosis pain treatment. After years of research, experts have developed the endometrial ablation occlusion technology which combined traditional Chinese medicine like herbal medicine Fuyan Pill or western medicine through personalized treatment from the perspective of biophysics, cytology, histology and cytology in order to reach satisfactory curative effect.


First of all, under STK fertiloscopy, the lesion tissues can be magnified with 100 times, thus endometrial lesions in the abnormal position can be eliminated through accurately targeted. Then the application of blocking oxide targeting treatment instrument can be used to block oxidative stress, repair inoculation micro-environment. Finally, patient can recover through the special traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill. This Physiological performance is a repair treatment method by repair lesion tissues, remodeling micro-environment, active the function of self-healing in order to completely cure the disease without recurrence of the objective.

Endometriosis patients should actively cooperate with doctor in the treatment period, remember the note that the doctor ordered. They can eat some bland, rich nutrient foods such as fruits and vegetables, but they should not eat greasy, salted, smoked, spicy food and so on.

Through the above introduction, I believe we all know how to treat endometriosis better. Experts suggest that patients with endometriosis in treatment time must choose the regular hospital in order to ensure the treatment effect. During the treatment, they should follow the doctor's advice, do good nursing work so that they can recover as soon as possible.

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