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Although fallopian tube is the most important part of the female reproductive system and plays a vital role in the fertility process, it can also become the most vulnerable organ in human body. The frequent tubal obstruction and hydrosalpinx are also the common reason which leads to the clinic infertility. So as for the patient, the most optimal result is able to conceive naturally. So, how to treat these diseases can achieve the ideal therapeutic effect? The answer is that the traditional Chinese medicine therapy is the best way to treat the hydrosalpinx and the tubal obstruction, which will let the patients conceive naturally.

The hydrosalpinx and the tubal obstruction are often seen after the salpingitis, as for its therapy, the western medicine, for the most part, uses surgeries to negotiate the oviduct by the common operations such as fallopian tubal recanalization, salpingography recanalization, oviduct umbrella side ostomy, tubal ovarian adhesions, oviduct umbrella side ostomy, tubo-ovarian lysis of adhesions and so on. However, no matter what operations you will receive, your fallopian tube may be hurt. What's more, the fallopian tube is very venerable, surgical operation may bring some adverse impacts to the natural fertilization after operation. And the temporary surgery treatment may only cure the symptoms but the disease, which leads to a recurrence of disease.



The Chinese medical treatment to the hydrosalpinx and the tubal obstruction may eliminate obstruction and dropsy, which has become the optimal therapy. The traditional Chinese physician suggests that the damp-heat could obstruct the qi and blood circulation, which results in the adhesion, congestion and edema of fallopian tube, even leads to the hydrosalpinx and the tubal obstruction. So some medicine need to be taken to promote blood circulation and to remove blood stasis such as Fuyan pill, which has achieved a positive result with its significant efficacy.

The complete components make the Fuyan pill a better effect. The components such as the peach seed, flos carthami and some other materials have the function of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, and the drugs used for clearing heat and promoting diuresis concert with the drugs processing the functions of tonifying the kidney, soothing the liver, reinforcing qi and nourishing blood could naturally distribute in the pathogen according to the course of the channels and collateral, and act on the aura selectively. By increasing the secretion of oviduct fluid, this pill could accelerate the peristalsis of the oviduct and loose the adhesive oviduct, and when the obstruction is eliminated that your hydrops will be solved either.

As the harm of hydrosalpinx and the tubal obstruction has been introduced, a strict demand on common life should be set by each woman to prevent these diseases. Broadly speaking, everyone needs to develop a healthy habit. What's more, don't eat too much acrid or greasy food; don't drink too much strong tea or beer; attention to dietetic hygiene. These rules are conductive to a healthy life.

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