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If there is a blockage in fallopian tubes, the egg could reach to sperm successfully. Or it is difficult to convey fertilized egg to the uterus Thus, it is impossible to get pregnant. In western countries, doctors would recommend surgery as the first choice to cure the damage or unblock the tubes. Or use IVF to help you get pregnant directly.

However, the surgery would always bring great harm to the body, and the successful rate of IVF is usually not that high as it is expected. So there is increasing number of people looking forwards to a better solution for blocked fallopian tubes. A solution which people are expecting is naturally and is also helpful for raising the rate of getting pregnant.

Luckily there are really some natural remedies for it. And especially the herbal remedies are quite popular in recent years.

Specific herbal treatments work by decreasing inflammation and irritation inside the fallopian tubes. Active substances discovered in some herbs might help to soften or break down scar tissue and adhesions and dissolve cell debris and mucus plugs.

Herbal remedies are administered by drinking as a tea or tonic, swallowing an herbal pill or capsule or by utilizing a tampon containing the herbal medicines. The active substances are then carried by the blood stream towards the fallopian tubes.


Using herbal tampon

This technique is utilized to administer some herbal treatments utilized to cure blocked fallopian tubes. These herbs are brewed within a little volume of hot water to create a robust tea. An organic cotton tampon is then placed in the mixture to absorb as considerably from the liquid as you can and also the soaked medicated tampon is inserted into the body. That is ideal done just before sleeping so that these herbs is going to be greater absorbed by the physique.

Taking herbal medicine

Fuyan Pill is one of the most popular herbal medicines for unblocking fallopian tubes, which can be just composed of over 50 kinds of herbs; they are red flower, radix bupleuri, liquorice, etc. These herbs applied in the pill is going to be targeted to the region from the tube that is blocked, and decrease adhesions, relax spasms of your tubes, and decrease the mucus secretions inside the tubes. Thus these herbs are able to decrease the leftovers which cause irritation and inflammation within the fallopian tubes; they could then be flushed out and let for proper functioning once again.

In a word, if you choose herbal remedy to cure your blocked fallopian tubes, herbal medicine”fuyan pill” is a good choice.

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