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Many females are troubled by endometriosis. Menstrual cramps and algopareunia hurt them so much, even overdose of painkillers cannot work effectively in severe stage. What's more, endometriosis may lead to infertility. Those patients who want to have children are anguished physically and mentally. So what is the best way to cure endometriosis, natural treatment or western medication?

Some people may choose western medication for fast onset of action. However, these medicines are hormones, which will give rise to serious adverse reactions, like vomiting, headache, breast pain and uterine colic. What's worse, patients need to take these medicines for a long time. It is really hard for them to sustained treating. On the other hand, the effect of western medication treatment is limited. And endometriosis is easy to relapse in this way for it is not a radical cure.

So what about natural treatment? As we know, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) always keeps the concept of overall. Body will be unwell if there is something wrong with Qi and blood. And it shows a variety of symptoms, like blooding, dysmenorrheal and so on. According to TCM theory, the root reasons for endometriosis are qi weakness, qi and blood disorder, as well as phlegm and blood stasis. Artificial abortion or other uterine cavity operations will cause damage to the vital qi. So blood cannot run energetically. Then blood stasis will be formed. If it happens at uterus, menstruation may backset outside. When menstruation stops at pelvic or other places, endometriosis maybe emerged.


In order to cure such disease at root, we need to tonify qi, promote blood circualation and softening hard lumps. Then traditional Chinese herbs can show their strengths. They always contain a variety of herbs, which can enhance synergy, but reduce toxicity and side effects. Take the commonly used drug Fuyan Pill

for example. It contains pangolin scales, peach kernel, safflower, and many other precious herbs. So this drug is good at softening hard lumps, dispelling nodes, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Because these components are all pure herbs, their side effects are quite few. So endometriosis can be cured effectively with less pain.

As a matter of fact, there are many successful cases curing by natural treatment. And the most frequently used drug is Fuyan pill. It is invented by Wuhan Dr. Lee who has about 30 years of treating experience. He said Fuyan pill was his most proud of achievements. This drug can not only cure endometriosis, but also enhance one's resistance, which will prevent endometriosis recurrence. So undoubtedly, most patients prefer to natural treatment.

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