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Nowadays some women often find that they start to have a pain on back after getting chronic cervitis, so they thought such pain might be caused by chronic cervicitis, is that true?

According to a report from hospital, chronic cevicitis does bring back pain, apart from this, the symptoms of chronic cervicitis include leukorrhagia, menoxenia, dysmenorrhea or infertility and so on, from this we can see that chronic cervicitis is a very serious disease and women should pay attention to how to keep themselves away from such disease. In order to stay away from this, women should keep the things listed below in mind.

1. Regular sexual life

Be careful of your sexual life, try to control it, too much sex will do much harm to your health, and women should keep in mind never have sex during the period of menstruation.

2. Contraception methods

Women should know how to protect themselves, contraception methods must be adopted perfectly.

3. Conditions of menstruation.


Those whose period of menstruation is too long or too short should be alert, and it is better to have an examination as soon as possible.

4. Gynecologic examination

Most gynecological diseases don't have a specific symptom at first, however a large number of them can cause terrible consequences, such as infertility, cervical cancer and so on. So women should do gynecologic examination often.

5. Less gynecological operation

Most patients will try to do surgery once they get gynopathy, because in their mind surgery is always the most effective way. However, operation is not suit for all diseases, especially gynopathy, because gynecological operation may cause infection and make disease worse.

What women should do when they have already been a victim of chronic cervicitis?

The first thing patients should do is to calm down, since being panic can make the disease even get worse and on the contrary being optimistic will do lots of help, sometimes it might even relieve the disease. Then patients should take some medicine to cure it, such as fuyan pill. It is said that fuyan pill (drleetcmclinic.com/Service/51.html) has detoxification effect, which can kill a variety of bacteria, virus, mycobacterium tuberculosis, mycoplasma, chlamydia as well as eliminate pelvic inflammatory disease in three months or so.

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