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There is most of female infertility caused by fallopian tubal blockage. Fallopian tubal blockage is a common gynecological disease and there are many causes of this disease, so what's the reason of causing fallopian tubal blockage? Let's learn about it.

1. Inflammation of department of gynaecology:

Due to the inflammation of department of gynaecology is not treated timely and thoroughly, it will cause serious disease condition, such as colpitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, tubal phlogistic, adnexitis, etc. Due to long-term inflammatory stimulation to tube, it will be hyperemia, edema, and enlargement, harden, tube cavity adhesion, narrow and block, result in blockage and cause infertility.Using Fuyan Pill can achieve the effect of sterilization and detoxification, activating blood stasis, treating the inflammation of fallopian tube ,so that get the purposes of hydrosalpinx's treatment.

2. Abortion:

Artificial abortion is the main cause of fallopian tubal blockage. Due to mechanical stimulation during the artificial surgery, improper operation or abortion is not congruent various reason, often leads to female secondary inflammatory infections; with a variety of pathogenic bacteria invasion, the spread to the pelvic, fallopian tubes, uterus fallopian tube leads to infection, because oviduct jams.

3. Vaginal bleeding for a long time:


Due to gynecological tumor, dysfunctional and uterine lesions. Cause menstrual period for too long. It will emerge the symptoms of menorrhagia, irregular vaginal bleeding, and twice menstruation in one month. If not treated, will cause secondary inflammation and emerge the symptom of oviduct wall decay, adhesion, jams.

4. Sex life is not clean:

Unclean sex life is the fuse of a lot of diseases. Patients are often infected by various diseases due to unclean sex life, such as “ladies, sexually transmitted diseases, etc., these conditions will give rise to the oviduct inflammatory and causing tubal blockage in different degrees.

Other factors:

Such as fallopian tube endometriosis, abdominal surgery, appendicitis operation, take put coil, tuberculosis, etc., all can cause tubal secondary infection, fallopian tube wall congestion, edema, adhesion and congestion.

Warm prompt:

The common inflammation has two cases: one kind is pyogenic salpingitis, majority because of the development of inflammation caused by abortion or natural childbirth operation. It can also cause by adjacent organs inflammation such as appendicitis, and peritonitis; another is tuberculous salpingitis. Most of the cases are because of tuberculosis and peritoneal tuberculosis spread. Early inflammation is temporary blocking, if start positive anti-inflammatory therapy can make the structure and function of the oviduct back to be normal at this time. If the condition of the disease continues to aggravate will format abscess and damage the structure of the fallopian tube.

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