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Chronic and acute one are included in cervicitis, for women within the age of childbearing, it is a disease which is common. Stomachache, leucorrhea which is increased and etc are symptoms. To some extent, cancer in cervix can be related to it and it is a high rate for chronic cervicitis' getting, even after childbirth recover is soon for women in general. What can you do to cure it? Below are things about physical, herbal and western medical treatment.

Radiation influence, injury in birth, trauma, reaction which is allergic, toxin, microorganism stimulating and etc are causes for cervicitis. Chronic cervicitis can be changed into from acute one if by a wrong way it was treated or left untreated even it can be cured definitely at the beginning once immediately treatment was gotten. Situation which is worse can be led if chronic one is not cured yet for a long time. For married women, it takes account for more than half of them, the disease occurs very often. In vagina, inflammation which is chronic, immunity which is decreased and fatigue are along with the coming of the disease as incentives.




  1. Physiotherapy. Refrigeration, compress which is hot medicated, cortex thermocoagulation and etc are included. Patients can use physiotherapy if they don't feel good after other kinds of treatments. But for sufferers which are allergy, bleed easily, tumor, active TB, failure which is systemic, kidney, liver, heart incompetence which are serious patients, it is not suitable.
  2. Treatments of medical which is western. A course is 7-10 days, one time for a day, in vagina, one piece is put, that is the usage of metronidazole, for cervicitis which is acute. Like furacilin powder and so on, partly spray the medicine which is liquid made of furacilin 1a 5000, vagina can be lavaged, if much discharge is there and it is a serious inflammation. Use antibiotics if urinate is frequently, pain in waist, pain in abdomen which is lower are the symptoms.
  3. With no side effect, often not more than some months, patients can recover, it likes food, green and safe definitely, it is called Fuyan Pill, a type of TCM.

Things can't be eaten by patients

  1. Yolk, oil of sheep, pork, cake which is cream one and sugar as food which are oily or sweet, for they make it harder to cure the disease, treatment will be influenced, humid can be increased.
  2. The disease can be made serious by food like meat of dog, mutton, beef, steak of pork which is fried, chicken which is roasted, mustard, onion, fennel and pepper as food which are fried or spicy.
  3. Inflammation elimination will be harder by eating food like abalone, oyster, clam, shrimp, crab or ocean fishes as seafood.
  4. More serious the disease can be if heat and humid be increased by wine drinking.
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