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The battle between 'madam and adam' has never been easy. Despite of the similarities, the world has always been more focused on their dissimilarities. One of the noticeable differences the amount of fat they carries.

On an average in a women, fat represents about 18% to 20% of body weight, meanwhile, in normal men; fat represents only 10% to 15%. It mainly happens because at some point in life, women give birth to a baby. During which time, the mother provides adequate nourishment to the baby. Also, the body of the mother also reserves some portion of fat as storage for various bodily needs, especially during the first two trimesters.

The climate also acts as a prime factor for fat distributions in a women. For instance, in hot climate countries and continents, such as Africa, the body of a woman tends to accumulate fat mainly in the buttocks. In Mediterranean zone, the prime location of fat storage is on the hips. The scenario changes in case of Asian women, and their body tend to store more fat near the navel portion. In cold countries, the fat distribution is spread over more body parts in order to provide insulation in such climate.

Having fat in body acts as storage that comes handy in time of need. If a person completely loses all the fat from his body,, he becomes more susceptible to several health conditions.

The body has its own mechanism to store fat. You will hardly find any fat on the joints, cause will cause huge hindrance to movement. Thus, it gets accumulated specifically on certain zones of the body. This is common for both men and women, but in case of women, certain portion accumulated more fat as compared to men, such as

1. On Buttocks


It is usually observed that, buttocks are more prominent in case of women rather than men. This is mainly due to the accumulation of adipose tissue in the gluteal fold. This provides extra layer of cushioning between bones.

2. On Breasts

Mammary glands present in the body of female exists in order to nurture her young ones. It is usually made up of fat and thus, results in additional weight in women and not in case of men.

3. Below Trochanter/on Hip

The trochanter portion often becomes more bulky in case of women, especially in the regions of Mediterranean. It can be seen prominently near the lateral thigh bone.

Apart from these factors, hormones and its balance plays a major role in a person's body weight and fat accumulation. Thus, it is often found that the number of women suffering from obesity is higher than that of men.

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