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Obesity is often said to be a serious health crisis in our present world. It is the root of many problems such as Type II Diabetes and arthritis. But when it comes to women, they face a major threat – infertility. Though the fact was earlier considered to be a myth, reality has played its role to show its evidence from time to time.

At present, the relationship between pregnancy and obesity is considered by every bariatric surgeon residing in India. If you ask any certified doctor about being pregnant while you are obese, he will recommend you to drop weight before reconsidering your plan. He may also suggest you to undergo a laparoscopic obesity surgery, which will help you to lose weight quickly before pregnancy.

But why shall I lose weight?

At the moment, you might be wondering as to why you should lose weight the answer is simple – because it will reduce the risk of infertility and miscarriage. Obesity is often linked to miscarriage during pregnancy because statistics state that more than 30% obese women have miscarriage, in comparison to less than 20% normal-weight women.

How obesity causes infertility and miscarriage?

The basis of a conception is ovulation. When a woman is obese, the production of estrogen increases. As the result, estrogen hampers the process of ovulation and causes the risk of miscarriage. Hence, obesity is associated to several impacts such as still birth, gestational diabetes, malformation and cesarean delivery.


What's more daunting is that the miscarriage can occur multiple times to the women, who has had one initially due to obesity. Therefore, doctors strictly recommend obese women to go for a bariatric surgery in India beforehand.

Is surgery the most effective solution?

In recent years, the least invasive laparoscopic obesity surgery is regarded as the most effective solution to obesity. It allows you to lose weight efficiently so that you can regain fitness before planning babies.

What are the alternatives?

There are several other methods of losing weight and ensuring lesser risk of infertility and miscarriage during pregnancy. This involves dieting and exercising. You should follow a proper diet plan where you can consume balanced meals and cut down on high-calorie foods. Additionally, running for 20-30 mins everyday can help you burn calories, opening the doors to healthier future.

You should not run into the decision of having a baby unless you cut off the excess weight. If you undergo a surgery, you should let your body be medically stable before planning a baby.

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