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There is a lot of emphasis laid on the regular monitoring of the development of the baby. Being a parent is not an easy job. There are fears that associated with the health of the unborn baby, which can give parents sleepless nights. It is important that there are regular scans that confirm that the child is growing and developing normally. 3D and 4D Fetal ultrasound scans can provide parents of the unborn child a great comfort, as seeing the images produced by the ultrasound on the screen shows how the baby is developing.

While proper development is monitored, there are also several complications that can be caught early which will help in treating the conditions right from the womb or birth. Cleft palette is a common problem with a lot of babies, and so are spinal cord issues and heart defects. A 3D ultrasound scan uses sound waves to produce images showing the features and profile of the baby. A 4D ultrasound scan is similar, but the images that are produced are in real time, that is you can see the baby smiling, sucking his thumb, yawning, or crying.

3D fetal monitoring and 4D fetal monitoring are not regularly recommended tests, unless there is a genuine reason behind it. If the doctors find out something that can be worrisome, 3D and 4D ultrasound scan is recommended. 3D fetal ultrasound images help in understanding the abnormalities that concern the baby's development. Images help in understanding the problem better and help the doctor's prepare a plan of action to be taken in order to help the baby, while in the womb or soon after it are born.


Failure to catch hold of the problem can cause a lot of distress to both the mother and the baby. As a doctor, it is important to schedule scans regularly in order to diagnose any problem beforehand. If problems go undetected, they can cause a lifelong problem in the health and well being of the child and mother. The baby will have birth defects that would create a lot of problems in his life, and the mother will have a challenging baby to deal with.

3D fetal ultrasound and 4D fetal ultrasound are similar procedures to a regular ultrasound scan. The patient is asked to lie down, and the area that needs to be scanned is covered with jelly that will help allow easy gliding of probe on the body, allowing proper sound waves to be sent in order to get proper images. You can not only see the movements and development of the baby, but also hear the heart beats. The scans can be done trans-abdominally, and also trans-vaginally.

Let your unborn baby have a normal childhood, make sure that you consult your doctor regularly and get your scans on time, to avoid major problems to both you and your baby.

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