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Breast implant compensation was relatively low down the list of compensation claims within the UK for many years, despite the large number of possible problems associated with the procedure that could potentially cause damage to health.

So far, over 30,000 patients in France have been told that they should have their implants removed due to the high risk of rupture and leak of silicone gel into the bloodstream. However, PIP implants have also been used in almost 50,000 breast implant cases within the UK, and British personal injury solicitors are now cheering patients to claim financial compensation and have the implants replaced by medical professionals.

PIP Breast Implants

French medical authorities have found that the implants produced by the company since 2001 have been filled with a lower grade silicone that then traditionally provided under the European CE Mark approved gel that was originally used. Instead, The British Association of Plastic Surgeons argue that the implants are made from industrial silicone that should be used in mattresses and other products rather than in cosmetic procedures.


There are a number of symptoms that the breast implants have ruptured, and if this has happened patients are advised to see a medical professional immediately. These symptoms include a burning sensation, swelling, numbness or redness, hard lumps around the breast and armpit, a change in breast size or shape, and the softening or hardening of the breast.

Removing the PIP Implant

Medical professionals agree that it is far easier to remove a breast implant that has not yet ruptured, and as a result of this personal injury lawyers are encouraging those who have had PIP implants to seek removal as soon as possible. It is also the case that medical professionals have little knowledge about the extent of the problems associated with the implants, and as such are encouraging all victims of the issue to have their implants removed immediately.

In order to aid a medical negligence compensation case, patients are being encouraged to have their breast implant stored so it can be used later as evidence. This must take place after the breast has been thoroughly cleansed by the medical clinic in order to ensure that it does not become damaged or degrade while being stored. This implant can then be presented at court at a later date if representatives of the manufacturer decide that they are uncertain that the claimant is being honest about the type of implant that is being used by the medical team. Once the implant has been presented, the representatives of the manufacturer will not longer be in a position to dispute the claims and will therefore be expected to provide the compensation deserved by the victim.

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