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Pelvic inflammatory disease refers to the inflammation of female reproductive tract and its surrounding tissue. Pelvic inflammation more often occur among women who have active sexual life, especially among young age women who frequently sexual intercourse.

Outpatient services of department of gynaecology often have such patients: They don't go to the hospital to check until the waist and abdomen severe pain and leucorrhea abnormal, as a result of hospital diagnose is pelvic inflammatory disease. Patients often don't understand: I have been paid attention to personal hygiene, why it found me? Gynecologic experts remind that it can also cause pelvic inflammatory disease if not pay attention to sexual life or frequently abortion.

Young women always suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease because of frequently sexual life.

Pelvic inflammatory disease mainly include endometritis, tubal phlogistic, oviduct ovarian abscess, pelvic peritonitis. Inflammation can be confined to one place, also involving several places. The most common is tubal phlogistic, oviduct ovarian inflammation.


Today' young people's sexual consciousness is open, frequent intercourse will break out the balance of normal lactobacilli in the vagina and causing bacterial grow and reproduce rapidly. Finally it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease. The intercourse not clean is the important cause of it. Many young people with strong sexual passion but ignoring the hygiene, even with no urination or wash in time, some of them even intercourse in menstrual period. Those actions will cause the bacteria upward infection and cause pelvic inflammatory disease as a result.

Due to go on frequent sexual action and the lack of protect consciousness, the repeated abortion is also very common in young women. Some women are often accept unsafe abortion in a small clinic and small hospitals where is not standard. It is easy to appear residual in cavity or bacteria invasion after surgery, then causing internal genital inflammation. What the most common disease are pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, endometritis, etc. In Chinese traditional medicine, Fuyan pill can effectively treat gynecological inflammation.

A lot of infertility cases are relate to pelvic inflammatory disease.

There are about a third infertility surgery because of pelvic inflammation disease not timely treatment. So every woman needs to attach much importance to pelvic inflammation disease. Unfortunately, many women have the inadequate reorganization of the danger of pelvic inflammation disease. If in the acute phase of pelvic inflammatory disease are not correct treatment, will gradually develop into chronic inflammation, light affects is influence the quality of life, serious can cause tubal adhesion, then cause infertility.

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