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Vaginal discharge is also known as secretion from the vaginal area. This can be of any type like it may be clear, cloudy, white, bloody, green or yellow. It can be thin, thick or pasty and sometimes come along with bad odor. You may also have additional problem of itching to the area or surrounding parts when release is there.

Lifestyle Causes- Cervix glands as well as vaginal walls prepared clear mucus. At the child bearing age that mucus production is very obvious. This can change its color to yellow or white when out in the open to the air. The production amount actually depends at the menstruation period because at that time hormonal changes take place in body. There are some of the factors which can result in increase amount of normal discharge. Like if you have stress, pregnancy, excitement for sex or ovulation (it is release and making of egg from the ovary between the menstruation period).



Infectious causes- If there is presence of some kinds of infections then may result in excessive vaginal discharge or itching to the area. It includes vaginal yeast infection and that is there because of fungus. Infections also take place when you go in touch with partner sexually and name of them are gonorrhea (GC), trichomoniasis, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis. There are some of the bacteria like in the area and if in any case they overgrow then result in gray colored discharge along with fishy smell. Then problem is also called bacterial vaginosis (BV).This specific condition can be transmitted through sexual contact.

Other causes- Low estrogen levels and menopause may result in excessive vaginal discharge and dryness to area. Sometimes due to presence of chemicals in women sprays, detergents, creams, textile softeners, douches, salves and contraceptive bubbles or unguents or jellies can result in exasperation, dryness and itching to the area and surrounding place as well. Beyond tampon or unfamiliar body can cause bad odor. There are some less common symptoms are believed cervix or vaginal cancer. Some skin conditions like lichen planus, desquamative vaginitis may be problematic.

Home care tips- Best idea to keep vaginal discharge away to keep that place hygienic and dry because wet and dirty place is growing place for infections. Also, avoid using soaps to area. To keep yourself clean always use water. Never use warm water to place that can result in dryness. Never use hot baths as it can actually worsen the symptoms.

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