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A hydrosalpinx is the medical name for a fallopian tube that has become filled with fluid due to injury or infection. The fallopian tubes normally function to 'catch' an egg each month as it is released from the ovary; the tubes are the meeting place for egg and sperm and the mechanism by which the fertilized egg travels to the uterus. Damage to this tiny and delicate passageway can inhibit conception and pregnancy.

Hydrosalpinx is classified as a mechanical condition that occurs when adhesions (internal scars) form to narrow or close the far end of the fallopian tube. The adhesions may first form to combat an infection. Once the infection has passed, the adhesions, which are no longer required after healing, remain in the body and block the far end of the tube.

When faced with the diagnosis of hydrosalpinx, a woman and her partner have limited treatment options from which to choose. In our experience, most patients do well to educate themselves, then follow their own intuition about what they feel will be best for their bodies. If you or a loved one has a hydrosalpinx, we encourage you to educate yourself before making a treatment decision. And there is no debut that women prefer to cure hydrosalpinx without surgery, for surgery would also bring great harm to them. But is it possible to cure hydrosalpinx without surgery?


Treatment of the Western medicine such as injection, infusion, the surgery for the blocked circulation of fluid and so on is totally unnecessary for the treatment of this disease. Long-term use of Western medicine will bring drug resistance, so it is not an appropriate treatment for hydrosalpinx which is caused by chronic salpingitis. And surgical treatment will damage women's fallopian tube. Even if the surgery could eliminate the accumulation of fluid, but due to the incomplete control of salpingitis and pelvic inflammation, the stimulus of these two kinds of inflammations will result in the accumulation of fluid within the tube again.

Fuyan pill is made up of fifty kinds of natural herb. With the effects of activating blood circulation, dissolving blood stasis, eliminating heat and dampness and removing toxic materials, follows the TCM principles in treating hydrosalpinx. It eliminates both the existed blockage and underlying lesions of the disease, so it can effectively and radically cure hydrosalpinx. In addition, some herbs are added in fuyan pill to help recover the normal function of female reproductive system and enhance the patients' immunity. Fuyan pill improves the whole condition of the patients.

Fuyan pill provides a non-surgical alternative that has been shown to help some women with hydrosalpinx conceive without surgery. In published studies, it has opened and cleared the liquid-filled tube, allowing for natural pregnancy and birth. Some patients have reported second pregnancies and births from tubes that were previously diagnosed beyond repair, indicating that the positive results of the work appear to last over time.

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