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The world seems unimaginable without god's beautiful creation- Women! The one behind letting you see the world, the one who nurtures you to become successful and the one who showers you with at most love.

Life of a women starts with a mission, from becoming a daughter till she takes up the charge as a daughter-in-law, loads of responsibilities and expectations gather her.

Here are the 3 stages of women's life :-

1. Women as a Daughter

The daughter becomes the pride of her father, a little girl with her tiny hands paints the world pink! According to Indian society a daughter is the one who is responsible for maintaining the reputation of the family and the dignity of her father, she is the bright ray which can shine the family with her sense and beauty.

2. Women as a Wife

Here arrives a new chapter of life- marriage! Entering an all new phase with an expectation to make beautiful new relationships nurture in the house of her husband. She starts accepting her husband's house as her own and get's into a new life.


3. Women as a Mother

This is quite magical, a feeling of motherhood! It's considered as the second birth of a women. A new responsibility comes her way carrying lot's of happiness. This is the most crucial stage of a women's life in which she is expected to make her child grow good in every sense.

It's not just house on which she is focused on, history has witnessed some amazing women which made the nation proud on them.

Women as a Leader

Discussing from the time of Laxmi Bai till what Kalpana Chawla did! Women were unstoppable, she is brave and bold continuing her charisma in every field she moves with the man shoulder to shoulder. Coming on selflessness, Mother Teresa was a lady with a golden heart dedicating her life in charity. Another women who proved that if a lady can manage home then she can also manage a nation— Indira Gandhi, the first Indian women Prime Minister who revolutionized the nation. The list would end but the contributions women made to the nation can never consist of a full stop!

We want the amazing ladies in our life to be secured and safe, the biggest threat to them is increasing Health issues in the country. Some life threatening diseases like Cervical cancer, Breast cancer and n number of diseases which can directly succeed in taking life's of the women are a matter of concern. To provide them the best, take a pledge to care about the beautiful lady who cares about you.

Get healthcare at your fingertips! There are various healthcare mobile apps which help in getting the best facilities like pill reminder, Order medicines online, maintain health records by uploading prescriptions etc.

Every year, 8th March is celebrated as International Women's day. Let's pledge to gift a better life to the women of our life! Make it the best for her this Women's day.

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