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It is normal for a woman to find that their genital region smells differently sometimes. The smell of the female genitals changes in the same way as the breath. The presence of fishy smell or metallic smells is linked to yeast infections or bacterial infection. This also causes itchiness and burning sensation. Sometimes, it comes with changes in the normal monthly discharge. Intake of some foods and change in climate can also change the odour of the region. Even the change in the laundry and the bath soaps can cause itchiness and smelly discharge from the genitals.

One should be careful after having unprotected lovemaking as it can indicate certain kind of infectious disease of genitals. If the female opening is very loose and dull, it can cause inconvenience in lovemaking, and excess discharge of foul-smelling fluid from the region reduces the level of satisfaction in conjugal life. Women who want to know how to get rid of such infections and how to make vagina tighter can take herbal remedies to make vagina tighter.



To make vagina tighter Vg-3 tablets can be inserted in the female genitals before lovemaking. This also helps in reducing smelly discharge from the organ. The tablet contains herbs which have the power to increase elasticity of female organ and increase its grip during lovemaking, which makes it the right answer to women seeking how to make vagina tighter. These herbs work in a natural way to make vagina tighter and to reduce the problem of infection and smell in the organ.

The discharge linked with female organs is related to growth of micro-organisms or the change in the pH level. When it has a fishy smell, it means the growth of healthy bacteria in the region has reduced and certain harmful or bad micro-organisms grew in the region. The odour changes during ovulation and sometimes, before or after the monthly cycle. Some women have discharge of fluid after the monthly cycle which can be reddish brown in colour and this can be smelly. If a woman suffers from vaginal odour which comes with yellow or white discharge which also causes itching, irritation and burning in the region then the chance of infection cannot be ruled out. The problem of secretion from the body caused by overworking of sebaceous glands can also change the pH of the female genitals. Herbs can be taken to reduce such infections and inflammation to the organ.

The problem of large or excessively big female opening can have many side effects such as the partner has less satisfaction in lovemaking because there is no friction caused by rubbing of skin. Rather the skin may not come in contact as desired during lovemaking. This is a common problem and can be resolved effectively by taking herbal remedies that proves to be the best cure for women who want to know how to make vagina tighter in a natural manner. The tablet works in a miraculous way to enrich and tone the skin and muscle of the organ to make vagina tighter.

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