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IVF is an exorbitant and complex treatment. It is often the last resort for infertile couples who harbour the desire of parenthood so they pin their hopes entirely on IVF. But they must be aware about many risks which are associated with IVF. Instead of reveling in delusion of grandeur, they must understand that IVF is fraught with perils which they must address in order to minimize, if not completely eliminate, them.

The risks pertaining to IVF are of two kinds – 1) Technical, and 2) Emotional. The medical or technical risks can be adroitly tackled by efficient and skillful doctors. Ovarian HyperStimulation Syndrome(OHSS) and Multiple Pregnancy are two such problems. But a competent and crackerjack doctor can handle both the problems deftly. He/she would first apprise the patients about the nature of problems and then would go about eliminating them. The most effective way to overcome the Multiple Pregnancy issue is to opt for a Single Embryo Transfer(SET).

However, emotional problems are more daunting than technical ones. Like any other medical treatment, IVF does not guarantee 100% success. A state-of-the-art IVF clinic and an accomplished doctor can enhance the chances of success, but even they cannot guarantee it. This is the most important thing infertile couples, who are opting for IVF treatment, must understand.


Often, infertile couples have excessive expectations from IVF and are often certain about the success of IVF. They become smug and overtly confident that the result of IVF would certainly be positive. Such unrealistic expectations are as perilous as they are misplaced. Sometimes even doctors are culpable of building up a false sense of illusion by exaggerating about the success-rate of IVF. And if the outcome is not positive, such couples are left shell-shocked and dazed as they were not prepared even a bit for negative result. It causes enormous heartburn and grief, and the whole saga often plunges into blame game between doctors and patients.

Some couples become terminally dejected and lose hope. They start looking at their life as egregiously bleak. This all emanates from the unrealistic expectations they had harboured.

In order to avoid stinging disappointment, infertile couples must be realistic and mature right from the beginning. They must be apprised of the fact that success-rate in IVF is not 100%. That would help them to keep their emotions in check and not go astray in case of failure. They must also be prepared to go through another round of IVF even if it fails to produce fruitful result in the first attempt. In several cases, second cycle of IVF treatment has resulted into success. At the end of the day, the bottom line is that a failed IVF cycle is not the end of the road for them.

This is where the role of the doctor also becomes significant. A splendid doctor would allay unfounded fears while counselling the patients perceptively and candidly.

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