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Expert IVF doctors confirm that it is not possible to menstruate during pregnancy. For the duration of pregnancy, a woman undergoes several sorts of vaginal bleeding which ranges from spotting or light to profuse bleeding akin to menstruating. It also occurs when a pregnancy terminates. Hence, these poor women cannot be blamed for being doubtful about such bleeding.

Menses or menstruation happens when pregnancy does not occur. The body prepares a thick lining inside the uterus in order to prepare it for embryo implantation. If no implantation takes place, this lining is shed out and expelled by the body which results in menstruation. According to best IVF specialists, it is impossible for a female to menstruate during pregnancy. This is legitimate because the thick lining of blood is meant to serve as an important part in pregnancy and is used up on getting pregnant. In other words, no point remains in the shedding and eventual expulsion of this lining of tissue and blood. Consequently, it remains intact.



Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy can be a cause of worry too at times. But majority of the times, it is completely normal and inapprehensive. Experts from the top surrogacy centers and fertility clinics assert that the only way by which a person can be assured that they have not miscarried is by gaining sufficient knowledge about the various kinds of bleeding during pregnancy.

Some of the points that women must keep in mind during pregnancy are as follows-

  • Light bleeding or spotting that is painless – Albeit no accurate reason has been deciphered for this, yet it has been observed to happen usually during or post implantation. Also, it may occur on the date when a woman's period is due regardless of pregnancy. No negative effects of this kind of bleeding have been recorded and it causes no harm to the pregnancy.
  • Heavy bleeding – Heavy or continuous bleeding may indicate adverse conditions like ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, infection and more. Therefore, in case of profuse bleeding which is followed by acute pain in the abdominal area, one must consult their doctor immediately.
  • Bleeding due to an activity – Tests that involve the usage of scientific and medical instruments such as catheters, probes, Pap smearing and examination may cause some trauma to the vaginal and cervical area which may result in slight bleeding. Furthermore, activities like sex may also trigger it as the blood supply to the vaginal or cervical area is high during pregnancy making it susceptible to bleeding.
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