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Having a child together is one of the ways to strengthen the bond of love between couples. However, inability to do so can lead to either relationship problems or stress. Knowing the proper reason and truth over myths is necessary. Following are certain points that bust the common infertility myths.

Low sperm count means infertility

Low sperm count might be the result of some treatable problems but cannot be a reason for infertility. An unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, drinking, no exercise and lack of nutritional diet can lead to a decrease in the sperm count. Certain lifestyle changes can bring the level back to normal. Thus, with the guidance from a fertility expert, conceiving will be possible.

Being a father previously does not guarantee current fertility

If there is a difficulty in getting pregnant, it can be a problem with the male partner even if he has fathered a child earlier. Earlier fertility does not guarantee an every lasting fertility. Certain changes like gaining weight or developing thyroid disease can lead to infertility.

After stopping birth control pills, it takes longer time to get pregnant

Many ladies think that it will take 6 months to 1 year to get back to regular menstrual cycle if they stop taking birth control pills. Thereby reducing the chances of pregnancy. However, research studies have shown that 40% women get pregnant within one month and 99% by the end of three months of stopping the intake of birth control pills. In case someone is unable to have a spontaneous period within three months, medical help may be required.

Miscarriages can cause infertility


Generally, a miscarriage does not lead to infertility. However, repeated miscarriages can make it difficult to conceive a baby. Fertility may be impaired due to neglected miscarriage or subsequent infections. These issues should be brought to the notice of a doctor.

Blocked or damaged tube causes infertility

If one tube is damaged or blocked, it does not stop pregnancy, given the other one functions properly. Only one ovary and a healthy tube, preferably on the same side, are required for pregnancy.

Wearing tight clothes or cycling leads to infertility

With a rigorous exercise like cycling, running or other endurance sports, the temperature in scrotum rises. Wearing tight pants or operating laptops on groin also does the same. However, these just lower the sperm count due to heat and do not cause infertility. Regular freeing of the scrotum and allowing it to cool down can lead to a healthier sperm count.

Masturbation causes low/no sperm count

Testicles take six weeks to renew sperms. Male body produces sperms throughout life and masturbation or sex does not affect the sperm count. On the contrary, sex or masturbation helps the body to produce fresh sperms and maximize chances of pregnancy. Abstaining from the renewal of sperms, through sex or masturbation, can lead to degradation in the quality of sperms.

Clearing of the myths regarding infertility is important. This gives a better idea to couples about their situation. After being properly informed, they can go for infertility treatment without any misconceptions.

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