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In women, one of the reasons which are the most common of infertility is tube adhesion. In all cases, the rate of it is 30%-40%. Therefore a lot of attention needs to be paid to the disease since it is terrible. But Chinese herbs can cure it even it is terrible.

Tube adhesion's five harms

  1. Period which is not normal. Light or yellow the color of period will be, inside, blood clots are there, black is the color in period for blood, every month, it comes two times for serious situation patients as a symptom which is typical.
  2. Infertility. Combination of eggs and sperms, meeting of them and sperms delivering are functions of tubes, in women, infertility is caused when it is impossible for women to get pregnant even there were fertilized eggs, but uterus can't entered by them if there is tube adhesion.
  3. Pain. Pain in waist or pain which is dull in lower abdomen are included as pains which usually occur. After sex or in period, it occurs usually, or patients can be more painful if they are more tired, lengthened of period, increased amount of period and etc.
  4. Pregnancy which is extrauterine. Having a baby is impossible for women who have terrible tube adhesion, pregnancy which is extrauterine can be got by patients if in tubes there are growing of egg which is fertilized if partial adhesion it is.
  5. Inflammation which is gynecological. Leukocyte which is a lot can be contained by leucorrhea which is abscessed or thickly if women troubled by tube adhesion which is caused by inflammation, it is impossible for eggs combine sperms for leukocyte ate sperms.

Tube adhesion's four sins

1.After abortion or giving birth, there is infection.


2.After surgery which is gynecological, there is infection.

3.In period, hygiene of personal, attention is not paid.

4.Closed by organs have inflammation which is spreaded.

By what ways to cure the disease?

  1. Into uterus, drugs are injected. Pain or feeling which is uncomfortable can be had by patients.
  2. Fuyan Pill which is a type of TCM. Not more than some months often, patients can be cured with no pain, wound or side effect, and like food we eat, it is green and safe definitely.
  3. Physiotherapy. In the future the disease is possible to appear after a long time's taking of it.
  4. Treatment which is interventional and surgery. After surgery, wound and pain can be left for patients, it is impossible for patients to have a baby without a doctor which is professional, that is worse.
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