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Cervicitis polyp is a relatively common disease– a clinical manifestation of chronic cervicitis, and it can produce adverse impact on females' sexual life and fertility. Although cervicitis polyp with high incidence is also regarded as a common disease, the patient must not be careless about its examintion. It is recommended to patients to go to the hospital for regular pathological examination, so that you can be at more ease. That's to say, when cervicitis polyp happens to you, pathology diagnosis is very important.

Cervical polyp is a tumor-like neoplasm, looking like the size of soybean, red colored and easy bleeding .It mainly germinates at the opening of the cervix. In general, if a smaller polyps, most patients show no obvious symptoms, and most are found with it under a inspection. On the contrary, if a bigger polyp, the patients may find increased vaginal discharge, bleeding during sex life and some other symptoms. The bigger polyp may also impede sperm upward leading to infertility in that the opening of cervix becomes narrow or the cervical canal is distorted. So patients must have a pathological examination, in order to exclude the possibility of malignancy. It is an important check, the patients must make sure about it.

Cervicitis polyps are the result of the over proliferation of mucosal epithelial cells induced by long-term stimulation of cervicitis. During the process of cells proliferation, the cancer is likely to occur, although the probability of such cases is relatively low, but for the sake of safety, enough attention is necessary.


On the treatment of the cervical polyps, it is actually of great concern to many patients. Today, with the rapid development of Western medicine surgery, many patients are suggested to receive a surgery for removing the polyps as soon as possible and then have a pathological examination. But after the removal, in order to avoid the re-emergence, patients are still needed to take treatment for cervical inflammation. What's more, patients must take regular review to prevent and early detect the cancer.

Of course, to get rid of polyps,the best way is to prevent its occurrence, which female friends can set about from gynecological inflammation prevention and timely treatment. Keep personal hygiene in everyday life, and promptly take such drug treatment as orally antibiotics when gynecological diseases are found . All of these are helpful to the prevention of cervical polyps.

For the poor treatment of inflammatory disease in Western medicine, especially for the chronic inflammatory diseases like chronic cervicitis, patients can also choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment, like oral Fu Yan pill, which is benificial to treat and prevent disease progression. For some polyps, if there is no obvious symptoms, but found during the inspection, patients can also take fuyan pill orally which has strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect and can be very good to eliminate cervical inflammation,

Enough attention must be paid to pathological diagnosis for cervicitis polyps, which for the sake of health, patients must not ignore. Of course, in everyday life women need learn how to prevent the polyps and deal with them.

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