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Under normal circumstances, the female vaginal environment is acidic. This is the body's physiological barrier, can resist the invasion of the bacteria. However, under special circumstances, such as menstruation, childbirth, artificial abortion and various kinds of uterus operation, the barrier effect weakened and even disappeared. It is easy to cause the invasion of the bacteria, then leading to endometritis. In addition, if women do not pay attention to personal hygiene, intercourse in menstrual period or heterosexual intercourse with STD, all these are prone to the cause endometritis. Older women's estrogen in the body is drop and acidity of the vagina and cervix mucus decrease, easy to cause senile vaginitis, and further development of endometritis. The following are some concrete reasons of endometritis:

First, although endometrium has peeled off periodically, but the base layer is not subsequently stripped. Once the base layer has the function of chronic inflammation can infect lining layer of endometrium in a long-term, then leading to chronic endometritis. The existence of tuberculous endometritis is also in the same way.

Second, the long-term existence of tubal ovarian inflammation or severe cervicitis can also lead to chronic endometritis.

Three, intrauterine contraceptive device can cause chronic endometritis.

Four, there is a small amount of residual placenta after childbirth and abortion, or placenta adhesion is often the cause of chronic endometritis.

Five, women after menopause are vulnerable to be invaded by bacteria because that significantly low, as the estrogen level in body is decreasing significantly and the endometrium and vaginal mucosa become thin. So it is easy to cause inflammation. In clinical endometritis and vaginitis often coexist for older women.


Six, Fibroid under uterine mucosa and mucosa polyp could also lead to chronic endometritis.

Drug treatment

1.antibiotic treatment and cleaning uterine cavity

The endometritis occurs after childbirth or abortion, such as it is suspected to have the placenta residual tissue, should remove it immediately when is taking antibiotics. Waiting to reach a certain dose of antibiotics can control inflammation and then it is time to begin curettage surgery in case of the spread of inflammation.If the uterus has actively bleeding, should clean uterine cavity in the case of application of a great amount of antibiotics.

2. traditional Chinese medicine treatment

Under the condition of antibiotic treatment effect is not very well, can consider to traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Fuyan pills in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a good curative effect on treatment of endometritis , it can clear out the heat and toxic materials, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, help women deal with the pain.

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