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With the rise in In Vitro Fertilization, many women have been able to give a birth to a new life. This technology is a great aid to all those couples who are unable to conceive due to several reasons, including hormonal imbalance, or age factor. Several women have poor quality eggs, and thus, cannot get pregnant. Even if they conceive, their chances of a miscarriage are higher. Therefore, they can take the aid of an egg donor if unable to produce the eggs on their own.


It might seem a noble step to assist other people who cannot have their own children by donating a high quality egg. But not every woman can give her eggs. Egg donation clinics perform an extensive screening to select the eggs. A lot of legal, and medical procedures are followed by these clinics in the egg donation process. The potential egg donors have to follow all the rules for donating her eggs to the recognized fertility centers.

  • First of all, the donor has to provide all her details to the clinic, including name, age, photographs, address etc
  • Next, you will meet with the donor coordinator for an initial interview and have to sign all the consents to proceed further with the egg donation process
  • The donor has to pass screenings from several other obligations to go ahead in the process. She has to undergo an extensive array of genetic testing. She should not have any genetic disorders
  • After the genetic testing, patients have to undergo a complete psychological evaluation. This is done to make sure that the donors are mentally stable and do not have any family history of mental illness
  • Once, it is confirmed that the donor is away from all the illness, and is mentally stable, then she is monitored and medicated to start inducing ovulation, so that eggs can be extracted
  • Once the eggs are ready, they are retrieved and the IVF process begins
  • The retrieved eggs are introduced to the recipient partner's sperm in the laboratory where the process of fertilization and growth of the embryo begins.
  • The post egg retrieval visit is also conducted and then, the egg donors are finished with the process.

Egg donation process is a safe technique to give a birth to a new life. Many people have undergone this process, and are able to experience parenthood. Surf the internet to get the details of the popular fertility clinics. Meet the specialist, and if you are comfortable with him, then you can avail this treatment. All the reputed egg donor clinics are very careful while collecting the eggs of the donor. They perform an extensive testing to ensure that no disease is transferred to the would be mother, and the baby. So, if you are also looking for an egg donor, visit the clinic, and choose the donor by your own. The specialists will give access to the details of all the donors. Experience parenthood with this advance technology.

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