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Pain and incontinence during the monthly cycle is common but some women suffer from unusually long painful sessions of monthly bleeding, which also cause extreme discomfort and other health problems such as bloating, headaches, disorientation, dizziness and nausea. The condition may disrupt the normal wellbeing of a person and cause excessive annoyance. Normally, the pain happens due to the release of chemical prostaglandins which is responsible for the contraction of the womb. But when the female reproductive organs or the digestive system suffer from infections or has PCOS, the pain may increase. Many women take painkillers each month to reduce the pain. Since it is a chronic problem and it may reappears after every month, a proper method for management of the pain is needed. To avoid the side effects of harsh chemicals based pain killers and get a complete cure to get rid of the pain, herbal treatments to stop painful periods can be taken.

There are many reasons for pain during the monthly flow and some of the health conditions which are responsible for extreme pain are endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory diseases, STDs, stress, mental conditions, anxiety or the insertion of IUD. Normally the pain during the process of bleeding in the monthly cycle is common which happens because the womb contracts and expands to remove the inner lining of the blood. The women who have never been pregnant, those who had an early monthly cycle, are overweight or have an eating disorder are at a higher risk of suffering from high pain during the monthly flow.



Sometimes structural abnormalities can cause the problem. Generally, the problem itself involves a range of symptoms. The problem of ovarian cyst or pelvic congestions can also cause it. Herbal treatments to stop painful periods such as Gynecure capsules can be taken to reduce these problems of the ovaries and the reproductive organs. The herbal treatments to stop painful periods are made up of natural extracts that are powerful painkiller and work as anesthetics inside the body.

The herbal treatments to stop painful periods contain a range of natural ingredients and one of the herbs is Sphaeranthus indicus. This herb is used as stomachic, demulcent, pectoral, alternative and it is taken in ayurveda to treat the condition of anemia, tuberculosis, pain of uterus, piles, vagina pain, leukoderma and also emotional issues. In laboratory test, 300 mg to 500 mg of the herb was given to laboratory animals and it showed strong pain killing effects. The herbal extract had possible acute pain killing natural compounds. Analgesic effects were clearly visible which matched the 300 mg tablet of aspirin. The intake of the herb also improved cognition and reduce stress. In ayurveda it is suggested for regulating the condition of diabetes.

Herbal treatments to stop painful periods contain many other similarly unique and powerful phyto chemicals extracts collected from different sources. The herbs in the treatment have the properties to work as analgesic that can reduce pain and it can also improve general health to control the cause of pain.

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