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Obstetrics and gynaecology are two different fields which are usually clubbed because these 2 fields are handled by the same specialist which is more commonly known as “Gynaecologist” or “obstetrics surgeon” however this is rare and not used more commonly is used.Why are they clubbed together? Why is the specialist for both the fields is same if they are two different fields? These are some very common questions which could arise in one's mind!Where the difference between obstetrics and gynaecology is that obstetrics is something which deals with All issues be it physiological and pathological, related to pregnancy and child bearing comes under obstetrics and gynaecology is all about the diseases of the female, and specific to the female only and which is not necessarily related to pregnancy. While these may occur in the gravid lady.

Now when you see gravid basically they are neither a cause nor effect of pregnancy. E.g. A fibroid or ovarian cyst present in a female who is carrying a foetus! That's too scientific! Well, in layman terms, Gravid means carrying eggs or pregnancy! Easy?As such, the treatment of Infertility, and all forms of contraception, also fall under the field of gynaecology. Obstetrics is usually used only when the uterus or an ectopic site is gravid, and continues till the end of puerperium, which is six weeks from the delivery of the placenta. Mm…. this is something hard to understand but more or less obstetrics is something related to pregnancy and pregnant women.A female faces loads of complications everyday even when she is not pregnant. It is not any doctor's cup of tea to handle such complications. Very keen and deep studies are required to handle women!


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