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Tubal blockage is one of the main reasons that lead to infertility .The edema and adhesion of tubal intrauterine can keep germ cell from settling to the uterine cavity in time. It will come out tubal pregnancy, namely ectopic pregnancy. In addition, if the fallopian tubes are blocked for a long time, it will lead to hydrosalpinx, even result in infertility. So , what are the efficient treatments that can keep the disease away? Here are some methods patients can follow.

The treatments:

In the present, conventional treatment with drugs can used to cure slight tubal blockage. According to the causative agent in leucorrhea , mycoplasma and chlamydia that are cultivated from cervical wecretion, or gonorrhea, patients can choose Sensitive antibiotics to cure the disease. But because of the resistance of antibiotics, it's more efficient in the initial stage only. If patients continue taking the antibiotics, the effect will not be great as expected.

Patients with tubal blockage come about resistance of antibiotics and are infecund after years can try having a surgery. Proximal tubal blockage, such as interstitial tubal blockage and oviduct spondylolysis blocksge, can use the technique of guidewire through fluid; Distal tubal blockage, such as ampullar potion or oviduct umbrella end blockage can choose salpingectomy, the oviduct umbrella end colostomy and the oviduct umbrella end plasty; whatever surgery it is, the best time of pregnancy is half a year after the surgery. If infertility stays for half a year, it's more likely that the adhesion of blockage come out again. Under this situation, the conservative Chinese traditional medicine fuyan pill can be considered.


Fanyan pill can used to treat proximal and distal tubal blockage. The reason why it can be efficient is that it can clear heat and remove toxicity. The herbs in the pills like honeysuckle and scutellaria baicalensis can effectively clear the pyogenic bacillus, staphylococcus, neisseria gonorrhoeae, mycoplasma and chlamydia that caused by salpingitis. Besides, fuyan pill can ease and eliminate patients' uncomfortable symptoms as stomachache, abdominal bulge.


During the period of treating tubal blockage, it is suggested that patients had better prepare for contraceptive measures in case of getting ectopic pregnancy again; in addition, If mycoplasma and chlamydia that are cultivated by cervical secretions are positive, male should make a cultivation of mycoplasma and chlamydia check. If infected, both the couple should be treated and under birth control.

Preventive measures:

The main pathogenies that cause tubal blockage are infection and inflammation , so patients can prevent the disease from the following two aspects. On the one hand, reduce the surgical treatment as possible, such as reduce the incidence of postoperative infection by preparing for the contraceptive measures, reducing induced abortion and Cleaning uterine surgery; on the other side, being positive to the treatment of mould sex vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, and severe cervical erosion, for that can reduce the chance of salpingitis and avoid from tubal blockage.

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