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If a couple is unable to conceive after 1 year of regular sex relation without having any birth control, it is called infertility. Now it is the time to think to consult with an infertility specialist. In case of permanent fertility, IVF (test tube baby) is the golden ray for infertile couples. This type of infertility treatment is usually used only when other available treatments have been found to be unsuccessful in creating a pregnancy. Any woman with damaged, blocked, or absent fallopian tubes can have in vitro fertilization performed.

The ovulation process is controlled with hormones and the egg is removed from the body and fertilized in a liquid medium with the sperm. IVF treatment is especially for those people who face permanent due to several reasons. During IVF, eggs are fertilized in the laboratory, rather than inside the female body as would happen naturally. Eggs are taken from woman's ovary and then mixed with sperms in laboratory. Sperm fertilizes the egg and becomes embryo.



IVF is the short form of in vitro fertilization, which takes place in test tube and then transferred into woman's womb. In this process, the egg and sperm are fertilized outside of the body to form an embryo. Before this treatment is attempted, doctors and specialists will look in depth in to the couple's medical history. However, if you are going to take IVF treatment, there are certain tips, which need to be followed. The test tube baby process or in vitro fertilization involves three steps of ovulation and these are as follows:

  • Ovulation Injections: Ovulation Injections process is also known as Ovulation induction since the woman is given certain drugs and injections to induce production of excessive ovaries.
  • Fallopian Tube Surgery: Most of the women also have problems in their fallopian tube and thus in this case fallopian tube surgery takes place. Problem in fallopian tube may be main cause of infertility in several women.
  • Egg Donation: if a woman is not able to produce eggs, egg donation is the solution for her. In this process, the egg of some other female is used to fuse with the sperm of the male parent.

Once the couple has safely managed to procure an egg with help of any of the three methods mentioned above, they can begin with their treatment. The whole test tube baby process may take anywhere from four to six weeks to complete because the woman's cycle must be monitored and it must be stimulated with hormones before anything else can happen.

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