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Chinese medicine still plays an indispensible role in the medical profession, which has been in existence for thousands of years. Especially today, for the treatment of some incurable diseases in western medicine, Chinese medicine can give a good solution, such as mycoplasma infection–a disease with high incidence. Chinese medicine can really work well for it.

Treatment for mycoplasma infection sets focus on killing mycoplasma. For this point, currently, in Western medicine antibiotics are mainly used. But in the other way, although antibiotics can play a therapeutic role in killing mycoplasma but the drug resistance as well as other resistance in itself has also impeded the treatment process.

However, traditional Chinese medicine treatment is rather safe with no side effects, and as long as the compatibility of herbs for sterilization and detoxification is reasonable, it is possible to achieve the same effect as Western medicine. You can see lots of herbal drugs with powerful ability to sterilization and detoxification, such as Houttuynia, Radix, forsythia, honeysuckle, and honeysuckle, etc. If these herbs can be matched well, its detoxification effect can be comparable with Western antibiotic medicine, Which can be completely reflected by Fu Yan pill. As a specialized prescription for treating gynecological inflammation, Fu Yan pill focuses on the use of herbal drugs for clearing up heat and toxic materials. So it can really play a part in the treatment of various inflammatory infection. Generally within 1-3 months, patients can get rid of mycoplasma infection.


In fact, other than sterilization and detoxification to remove the lesion, at the same time, Chinese medicine concentrates on treating the patient's symptoms, for example, women with mycoplasma infection are often complicated by other gynecological inflammation, such as abnormal menstruation and vaginal discharge, as well as a variety of swelling pain. With a variety of herbs being integrated into the same Chinese medical prescription and in accordance with certain rules to drug use, traditional Chinese medicine will be able to achieve the effect of treating these symptoms as well as solving the essential problem.

As mentioned above, in addition to sterilization and detoxification, Fu Yan pill also has the functions of promoting blood circulation ,dissolving stasis. That's to say, fuyan pill will achieve a comprehensive and more thorough treatment effect for female mycoplasma.

Sterilization and detoxification are the primary functions of traditional Chinese medicine for curing women mycoplasma. Compared to antibiotics commonly used in Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine therapy takes an advantage of no side effect. And it can not only treat the infection, but also defeat the complications brought by it with no recurrence after cure. All of this can better meet the needs of patients!

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