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How female patients are harmed by hypermenorrhea? They can use 30-60 sanitary napkin in the period every time, when compared to amount which is normal, it is 4-5 times for female patients. Anemia can be got by them usually since in the period too much blood was lost. Catching a cold, sleep which is dreamful, insomnia, legs pain, waist sour, weakness which is general and anemia can be the symptoms in the period for them. Therefore a treatment needs to be found and a doctor needs to be visited for women if symptoms like these occur.




  1. Which is 200ml and leonurus which is 10g. Radix rehmannia, leonurus and yellow wine were put in a bottle made of china, without touching water, for 20 minutes' steam. 50ml can be drunk every time and in a day drink two times.
  2. Soup made of folium artemisiae argyi and hen. A hen and folium artemisiae argyi which is 15g. The soup is cooked by cutting the hen into pieces after clean and in a pot they can be cooked. 2-3 doses can be drunk still in period, usually 2-3 times the soup is drunk, it was cooked once.
  3. Soup made of brown sugar and tea which is strong. Tea and brown sugar which amount is suitable. Tea which is strong is made about a bowel's amount by water and tea boiled together, the pure needs to be made sure, stir and appetite which is personal needs to be according to when brown sugar is added. In a day, drink only one time.
  4. Chicken, astragalus and angelica sinensis. Salt and MSG which amount is suitable, angelica sinensis which is 20g, chicken which is 205g and astragalus which is 30g. Use little fire cook the combination of water which is suitable amount, astragalus, angelica sinensis in acasserole after the chicken being cut into pieces, salt and MSG which amount are suitable are added.

Treatments of medical can be tried also if therapies above which are dietary can't cure your disease or it is serious situation you got.

  1. After getting the disease, women who are 50 percent can be cured by therapy of drugs like hormone. But nausea, gaining weight and headache are side effects can be caused by them, also in some situations patients can't take them, like patients with disorder which is depressive, thrombus, diabetes which is serious, high blood pressure which is unstable.
  2. For women who want to give birth, it is not acceptable to use hysterectomy or endometrial ablation. Pelvic pain which is chronic, earlier menopause may had by women, their sexual life can be decreased and for recovery, it could be longer.
  3. Without getting a wound, not more than some months, Fuyan Pill can cure patients usually, without any side effect, like food we have, it is green and safe.
  4. Liver, fish and meat for foods which are animal-based, iron content is high, as a diet which is healthy needs to be taken by patients.
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