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Although, IVF is primarily a medical procedure that helps infertile people to achieve parenthood. IVF doctors from the top IVF hospitals in Pune emphasize that IVF is a time machine too! Many people would read this and think to themselves that this is impossible. It actually consumes one's time and money in case the first cycle does not come out as expected. It increases even more if people have to undergo multiple cycles. However, experienced IVF specialists from the most renowned Infertility clinics in Delhi argue that the following reasons make it a time saver and not a time consumer:


  1. When a couple tries to conceive naturally via sexual intercourse, the chances of achieving are less. In fact, scientists claim that only 20 out of 100 couples conceive in the first try. The reason behind it is the fact that in a female, only one egg matures in a month. Also, when a male ejaculates, he expulses millions of sperms that fight to fertilize that one egg. Even after the 1:1 million ratio of egg is to sperms, the chances of pregnancy are rare. On the other hand, if a fertile couple opts for IVF, their chances of achieving pregnancy increase by 60%! This is because the egg is to sperms ratio increases in IVF and more than one egg matures at a time thanks to medications given under IVF. Hence, the chances of fertilization increase.
  2. One can cease time by using IVF. The embryos produced by the procedure can be frozen. They shall remain healthy until the couple is ready to use them to expand their family. The great thing about freezing embryos is that they remain active and young for years. So, couples can freeze their embryos and conceive by using them even a decade later.
  3. Ultimately, the contemporary woman of today can forget the tension surrounding their biological clock that dreadfully keeps ticking. Earlier women had to give up their career and aspirations in order to have a child before menopause. But now, women can stop their race against menopause by freezing their eggs. They can continue with their professional journey till their desired achievement and then use these frozen eggs to have their own children and expand their family when, according to them, the time is right.

IVF is not just the solution of infertility. It is a completely new perspective of viewing reproduction and procreation. Hence, everyone needs to have a broad minded look at this Assisted Reproductive process.

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