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Health Magazine January 2016

Invasion of uterine disease makes so many women uncomfortable. Presence of the disease is very harmful, and endometriosis is one of the modern women's common gynecological diseases, the clinical manifestations are dysmenorrhea, menstrual abnormalities, infertility, pain during intercourse and so on.

What is endometriosis? As the name suggests, endometrial cells grow in an abnormal position, then the disease is formed. Endometrial cells were supposed to grow in the uterine cavity, but because the uterine cavity is connected with the pelvic cavity through the fallopian tubes, endometrial cells go into the pelvic cavity and grow. Simply put, this process is like dandelion sowing. Countercurrent of menstrual blood and peristalsis of the uterus are like breeze. They bring endometrial cells (seeds) to pelvic cavity, ovarian and other places. In case of fertile soil (pelvic defenses fall), plus the sun and rain (estrogen stimulation), the endometrial cells are able to take root, sprout and form lesions outside the uterine cavity.



This condition is neither inflammation nor tumor, but it has malignant tumor characteristics, like proliferation, proliferation and transfer. It is difficult to be completely cured. Here are the reasons, for the vast majority of women, it is very common for endometrial cells (seed) to spread outside the uterine cavity. Most women's “seed” (endometrial cells) doesn't have strong vitality, or it is difficult to meet the right soil, so the “seeding” also disappears. A small number of female “seed” (endometrial cells) has strong vitality, coupled with suitable soil and sunlight, it flourishes and forms endometriosis lesions. For endometriosis, uterus conservative surgery of uterus preservation is just like a “weeding” process, the lesions removing process is like pulling out dandelion seedlings which have been planted. In addition, it also has a process from the “seeding” to seedlings emerged, we can only eliminate those surgical visible “seedling”, but those seeds which have been sown and nurtured can not be cleared. This requires postoperative medication to create a snow-stricken cold state (low levels of estrogen or progestin therapy), and deprive necessary conditions of seed germination. Fuyan pill is a good choice that can effectively control the disease, and has no side effects.

The original old dandelion (womb) has always existed, so currently it is hard for us to transform the quality of “seed” (endometrial cells of endometriosis patients are easy to grow in ectopic places), and it is relatively not easy to stop the breeze blowing (80% of women have menstrual blood countercurrent, it may be a physiological phenomenon). But here is the good news, we can use some medicine to control the disease, for example, Fuyan pill, it can cure the disease effectively and avoid recurrence.

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