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It is not a hard task to tighten the vagina naturally. If women spend few minutes every day then they can improve the tightness of their private areas. It is not a complicated task. You can do it at home also. Even, keeping it out of the knowledge of your partner.

Health supplements, exercise, and a change in lifestyle are some of the options available to you. Regular exercise, especially kegel exercise is too much helpful for tightening the vagina. This exercise tightens the pelvic muscles and brings back the rigidity of the vagina. It is considered as one of the best natural vagina tightening treatment.

Tips to get healthy vagina:

  1. Wash your underwear after every shower. Always wear neat and clean cotton underwear. It protects your vagina from infections and wearing cotton underwear helps in absorbing sweat of the vaginal walls and makes you comfortable.
  2. Wash your vagina with clean and fresh water every time after urination.
  3. Do not use soap to wash the vaginal walls. Always use a good herbal vaginal wash. It not only keeps the vagina fresh, but also tightens it.
  4. Ask your partner to wash his hands well before the foreplay. It reduces the chances of any infection.
  5. Never sleep wearing underwear on. Let the vagina breath in the fresh air for some time.

The above healthy tips are very much helpful for keeping up a healthy and tight vagina. So, follow it as a natural vagina tightening treatment.

An herbal home remedy for getting tight vagina:

Make a solution of crushed amla or gooseberries. Boil it with water and then cool and strain it. Then wash the vagina with this mixture that will ensure tighteness of the vagina. Continue it every day and then you will feel the difference in a couple of weeks.


Only exercise cannot keep the muscles of the body strong, nutritious diet are also necessary for the overall nourishment of the body. So, follow a healthy diet full of whole grain, organic carbohydrates, organic lean proteins, and organic vegetables and fruits to keep the vaginal muscle strong and healthy. Besides, Aabab tablets, which are natural vagina tightening treatments, can be taken along with it to get effective results.

Aabab tablets: It is a powerful herbal product which brings back flexibility, suppleness and sensitivity of genital passage. The presence of pure and potent natural herbs such as Quercus Infectoria and Argilla Vitriolutum is very much effective in tightening the genital walls of women. Aabab tablets also help to increase stimulation of G-spot to help women achieve the pleasure they desire.

Dridhranga or Argilla Vitriolutum has antiseptic properties which are too much helpful to relieve the pain and heal the sores faster. Mayaphal or Quercus Infectoria has antiviral and antibacterial properties which help to improve flexibility and sensibility of the genital passage. It is helpful in curing leucorrhoea and increasing the elasticity of the uterine wall.

How to use the Aabab tablets?

The use of Aabab tablets is very easy. Insert this tablet into the genital passage 30 minutes prior to bedtime. Use the tablet daily for 2 or 3 months to notice the effective results.

So, never get embarrassed about your loose vagina. Lead normal lifestyle and take the help of herbal supplement to overcome this problem.

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