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Couples who've faced a failed IVF cycle often get disheartened and fear to give another attempt. But the fact is that women who go for the second cycle find the experience better and different. This is simply because couples know what to expect and how to go about the whole procedure. Being experienced they get more careful during the course and avoid repeating mistakes that they might have made in the first cycle. They become emotionally stronger and their view point too changes towards the whole process which results into positivity and stronger hopes.

The strength and belief that the couples gain also helps the IVF team of the IVF centre where the treatment is being taken, as the team then tweaks the procedure as per the observations made during the past cycle, also it becomes easy for the IVF experts and team to handle the couple with their anxietiesas they behave more stable and aware this time.



However, whichever number of cycle it be, the most difficult period of the course is the dreadful 2 weeks of wait that is required to make by the couple to know whether the cycle has resulted into a positive outcome for them. The stress that is seen in the couples during that course is often found to be the factor of failure of the cycle. Hence, for a successful cycle, it is crucial for the couple to be patient and follow the advice of waiting for 2 weeks' time before doing the pregnancy test.

The two week' time is for the HCG level to get to a detectable amount in the female's body that is undergoing the IVF treatment. Any kind of haste shown and pregnancy test done before the specified time could lead to give a false hope or a false result. In any of the two situations the couple will face disheartenment again.

It is a responsibility of the IVF centres and IVF experts to make the whole procedure transparent to the patients so that they make their mind before they take the procedure. Credible IVF Centres and hospitals make the nitty-gritties absolutely clear to the couples, Indira IVF & Test Tube Baby centre is one of the best IVF centres in India who do not just lay stress on the successful treatment but also counsel the couple before they take the treatment.

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