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Nowadays, females pay more attention to reproductive health. In most occasions, the volume of menstrual blood is an important indicator of reproductive pathologies. Especially, we can see that many females are diagnosed having heavy menstrual bleeding. Thus, it is really necessary to talk about this issue.

How to identify?

The primary question is how to identify normal menstrual bleeding and heavy menstrual bleeding. Doctors believe that the quantity for normal menstrual bleeding should be between 20 to 60 ml. If the quantity of menstrual bleeding excesses 80 ml, we can call it heavy menstrual bleeding. According to rough estimation, many women change sanitary pad four or five times one day in average and use no more than 20 pieces of sanitary pad during the whole menstrual cycle. You should on high alert if you usage of sanitary pad excesses the amount mentioned above.

What is the effect?

The second question is the risks that heavy menstrual bleeding may cause. Because of blood overdoes, it is very often to find anemic symptom from the suffers. They will present following symptoms: heart palpitations, asthenia, waist sour leg pain and insomnia. Also, excessive bleeding leads to weakened immune system, and they are easy to get a cold or feel tired in the daily life.


What may cause it?

The third question is what may cause heavy menstrual bleeding. Heavy menstrual bleeding is medically considered caused by inappropriate methods of contraception such as use Intra-uterine device, genital infection, abnormal pregnancy, endometriosis, tumour and blood disease.

How to prevent?

The forth question is how to prevent heavy menstrual bleeding. Since we know the factors that may lead to heavy menstrual bleeding, then we can adopt prevent measures to avoid it. We could change other ways of contraception such as taking oral contraceptive pills, but remember to consult professional doctors and follow the instructions. We can fight off infections by having a good rest, drinking adequate water and having light meals, if it is serious. In order to cure endometriosis, we can take fuyan pill, which is traditional Chinese medicine with easy swallowing and safety without side effect.

How to cure?

The fifth question is how to cure heavy menstrual bleeding. During the treatment of primary disease, females should pay more attention to nutrition supply and have more rest. Also, they can take medicines that bring fewer side effects such as fuyan pill. In addition, they cannot have sex with their partners as they need to keep the genitals clean. Further, women should regulate moods and adjust mental status because heavy menstrual bleeding is linked to nervous system.

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