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What is Surrogacy?

A woman who carries a child for someone else who are facing problem with infertility is called a surrogate or surrogate mother. This process is said to be surrogacy. She may be a good surrogate, if she is over 21 years; already she must have at least one healthy baby, if she has conceded a surrogacy-screening test by a certified medical practitioner and must willingly sign the contract.

Surrogates differ

  1. A woman who is artificially inseminated either by a donor or by a child-seeker is known as traditional surrogate. The surrogate becomes the genetic mother as her egg is used.
  2. A woman who carries embryos made from IVF treatment is known as Gestational Surrogate. The surrogate mother is not genetically related to the baby. At KIC, we perform only gestational surrogacy.

What is In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

IVF treatment is an oldest of ARTs. So far, no complications have been linked with it. ART is Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Very near to the beginning of menstrual cycle, a fertility drug is given which stimulates ovaries to develop a number of mature eggs required for fertilization. Normally, only one egg is released. A synthetic hormone called Lupron is also advised to keep body from releasing eggs quickly. Doctor carefully monitors blood hormone levels and takes ultrasound measurements of ovaries to find out if eggs are mature. When eggs are mature then doctor removes the same from ovaries. A needle is inserted through vaginal wall and eggs are taken out. Ultrasound is used for guidance. Next, doctor combines eggs with partner's sperm in a laboratory dish. Each of the fertilized eggs will be a ball of cells called an embryo in 2 to 5 days. Doctor will then place two to four of them in uterus. Extra embryos are frozen for later use. Everything will be good if an embryo gets implanted in the uterine wall and grows into a baby. One will be able to take “Pregnancy test” two weeks after embryos are placed in the uterus.


Legal Overview

  • Surrogacy laws are not common, Laws differs.
  • Surrogacy is highly regulated and expensive in other countries.

Surrogacy in India

India is a hot destination for surrogacy.

The Reasons are,

  1. Easy availability for young and fit women who are willing to be surrogates
  2. Availability of high profile medical practitioners
  3. Less complicated legal framework
  4. Low overall cost

At KIC, We make sure that the surrogate parent and Surrogates are given the highest level of personalized care and attention. This is central to our values on which we provide our medical services. Our experts are always accessible to counsel you and help you with your queries and problems.

Our patient care philosophy and practices set us apart from other clinics and is one of the most important reasons for our success.

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